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11 Ways a Practo Clone Boost Your Healthcare Business

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The Practo platform has revolutionized how healthcare services are delivered in India by enabling online appointment booking, medical records management and telemedicine services. As the leading healthcare startup in the country, Practo has provided immense benefits to hospitals, clinics and individual doctors seeking to digitize their practice.

While Practo continues expanding its reach, investing in their proprietary clone platform is another viable option for healthcare entrepreneurs. In this article, we explore 11 ways a customized Practo clone can boost your healthcare business and scale efficiently.

1. Increase Reach and Accessibility

Going digital with a Practo clone firstly expands the reach and accessibility of your healthcare services. It allows building an online presence for your practice where patients can easily browse service offerings and schedule appointments from anywhere via website or app.

This alleviates the constraint of physical location which becomes a barrier for some patients. Features like teleconsultation further enhance convenience by bringing the clinic virtually to the patient’s doorstep. Remote and rural patient populations who previously lacked access can now be served through online healthcare channels.

Self-service booking removes the hassle of calling during office hours, navigating call menus and waiting for lines. On-the-go appointment making via mobile enables healthcare access whenever is suitable as per patient schedules. Overall it vastly improves access by removing locational, time and logistical restrictions that previously hindered receiving timely care.

2. Improve Practice Efficiency

Transitioning to digital appointment scheduling pays quick dividends in streamlining practice workflows. Manual processes of noting consultation times, following up on calls and chasing missed appointments become automated through the platform.

Features like calendar viewing, instant booking confirmations and automated reminders drastically cut down no-show rates by keeping everyone on the same page. Staff can focus energy on direct patient care instead of coordinating logistics.

Patient self-registration cuts initial paperwork needs while integrated EMR and billing further simplifies the entire consult to payment process. Analytics also flags patterns that optimizes time management – like blocking slots for high demand services while reserving some daily as “walk-in”.

Overall a Practo clone brings multiplier increases to practice efficiency, better resource planning and delivering more consultations within existing staff/space constraints through digital enablement. This expands revenue potential without additional overheads. Checkout: https://zipprr.com/practo-clone/

3. Organize Patient Records and Data

The ability to manage patient health records electronically is a core reason for adopting a Practo clone. It allows clinicians to maintain comprehensive and chronological records for each individual in one centralized digital location.

Sensitive data remains securely stored with access controls and regular backups. Authorized staff or specialists anywhere can pull up health histories, diagnosis, treatment plans, investigation reports, prescriptions etc. for continued care coordination.

Well-designed EMR software eases documentation workflows during consultations while structured fields ensure compliance with standards. Integrations bring in external data seamlessly from diagnostic labs, hospitals or insurance companies into the EMR.

Patients also gain digital access to their profile, reports and can view educational resources from any device. Online portals keep engagement high and improve self-care, especially useful as more consultations transition virtually. Overall EHR serves multiple stakeholders while significantly improving efficiency of healthcare delivery.

4. Enhance Communication

Staying connected with patients forms the core of any healthcare service and a Practo clone fortifies this relationship further. Two-way secure messaging within the patient portal makes it convenient to address any queries from prescription clarification to test report explanation virtually at patients’ leisure.

Features like sending appointment reminders, notification on booking confirmations, status updates on investigations instills confidence and lessens follow up phone calls. It also allows polling patients for feedback, experience surveys and wellness check ins on chronic cases.

Doctors can easily share files, images or request additional data through chat which becomes part of the digital record. Teleconsultation and video calling takes communication a step further for remote diagnosis and counselling.

Overall it spurs collaborative engagement through multiple digital touchpoints while building trust in the practice through transparency and commitment to well-being beyond typical OPD visits. This leaves a positive lasting impression.

5. Enable Online Consultations

Leveraging the Practo clone software shifts some consultations online which benefits both patients and practice immensely. Tele-appointments bring down travel time/costs for routine follow ups and address minor medical issues efficiently. It scales access to serve demand from a broader catchment area.

Advanced telemedicine features support virtual monitoring of chronic cases through devices connected via the app. Remote specialists can consult complex cases through exchanged media while supervising treatment at lower levels of healthcare. This improves outcomes and appropriate triaging of cases for the overall system.

Psychological counselling, dermatology problem sharing, pharmacy consultations are well suited for telehealth. It also creates new revenue channels by partnering with health plans and opening 24/7 access for international patients in different timezones. Over time, more complex procedures can migrate virtually as well with AR/VR enhancements.

Leveraging the rich functionality of a Practo clone takes healthcare beyond physical constraints towards higher convenience, lower costs and round the clock access transcending borders – a definite future direction.

6. Accept Online Payments

Integrated digital payment solutions on the Practo-like platform eliminate the hassle of following up on bills and collecting payments manually. Patients can pay for consultations and procedures seamlessly online during booking or post-visit using various accepted methods including debit/credit cards, netbanking, wallets and EMI options.

This converts more patients by removing monitory barriers and ensuring access is not denied due to inability to pay on the spot. Doctors gain timely payments while patients enjoy the flexibility of paying as per their schedule and budgets.

The platform can extend healthcare financing further by partnering with insurance providers for claim settlements directly into doctor accounts. This simplifies the reimbursement process significantly. Medical loans and EMIs for high value treatments also become accessible virtually to a much larger base and boost affordability of critical services.

Overall digital transactions bring in financial discipline around receivables while expediting cash flows for sustainability and growth of the practice. It improves viability for doctors setting up in rural areas with low infrastructure.

7. Gain Patient Insights

Valuable analytics generated by users on the platform provide deep strategic inputs for efficient practice operations. Booking patterns analysis flags high demand days/timings allowing targeted staff/resource scheduling. Symptom flow reveals unique requirements of the local population.

Repeat patient insights show adherence levels for chronic therapies or follow up consultations post-procedures. Remote monitoring data from devices plugged into the app indicates response to treatments. Doctors also learn patient feedback and survey results to further enhance quality standards.

This patient-level data and practice-wide statistics give a bird’s eye view of existing services, scope for expansion and targeting new patient segments located further from the clinic like senior care. It guides investment decisions around medical equipment, specialist hiring and upcoming treatment trends locally.

Practo-clone features create an actionable intelligence suite serving multiple stakeholders in healthcare delivery with targeted interventions for superior outcomes. This drives sustainable long term growth and sets the practice apart from brick-and-mortar competitors lacking such transformative tools.

8. Expand Service Offerings

Advanced platform capabilities empower practices to launch new services and offerings capitalizing on shifting healthcare demands. Features like online pharmacies supported by prescribed EHRs streamline medication sales and adherence monitoring further.

Home healthcare service gains traction amid COVID through virtual visits for post-operative cases, elderly/disabled patients and delivering supplies on-demand. Practices partner with diagnostic centres, labs and physiotherapy clinics to provide bundled packages under a single access point.

Tie-ups with insurers for OPD/IPD packages boost corporate clientele while collaborations with allied service players like nutritionists, therapists expands the spectrum of available care significantly. Capitalizing on trends, options around wellness benefits, corporate health screening camps, lifestyle memberships enter target markets proactively.

TeleICU/telecardiology facilities for remote ICU/ward rounds, CME/training modules extend the platform into specialist domains too. With insights, practices continually innovate offerings aligning with research on future medical requirements and public health needs locally.

9. Improve Marketing Efforts

Having an established Practo clone listing improves overall online visibility, searchability and marketing ROIs substantially. SEO optimization of practice profiles coming up top for local search establishes credibility and reliability upfront. Consistent upvotes/reviews shape early online impression among patients prowling for services digitally.

Promoting available features and offers via the platform unlocks easy collaborative promotion through tie-ups. Physician directories, doctor suggest options when searching symptoms and integrated chatbots act as force multipliers. Periodic campaigns on the platform reach high volumes of potential patrons already primed for healthcare needs.

Insights based custom emailers, push notifications, in-app banners ensure messages convert interested users to booking appointments. Wellness blogs, health articles improve patient education. Performance tracking aids spent optimization on preferred channels generating bookings efficiently. Practo like marketplaces emerge as fertile digital engagement grounds for expanding patient networks over time.

10. Build Loyalty through Patient Portal

Beyond transactional services, patient portals on Practo clones engage users through a holistic wellness experience. Health surveys, symptom diaries and personal health calendars foster a proactive approach. Educational resources, health tracking tools, diet/exercising regimens motivate preventive lifestyle changes.

Wellness programs involving challenges and incentives keep morale high. Integrations with wearables and health insurances for rewards/discounts on meeting goals strengthen long term adherence. Doctors stay in touch through consult reminders, health articles and highlighting community success stories.

This builds an motivated community of patients taking ownership of their well-being. They remain loyal as lifelong patrons booking follow-ups and referring family/friends needing advice. It moves practices from episodic illness-centered model towards sustained wellness partnerships especially important amid limited physician supply challenges ahead.

11. Scalable Growth Potential

Investing in a robust custom clone of Practo has exceptional scalability advantages. The software designed for medical compliance meets requirements from single doctor clinics to large super speciality hospital networks. Features modularly add as user base expands with payment models adjusting to budgets.

As a digital healthcare platform, the sky remains the limit in terms of outreach. Practices have scope to penetrate untapped suburban/rural populations through their app and telemedicine nationwide. Cross-border partnerships let serving global patients seeking quality affordable care online.

Specialist domains emerge as potential focus areas. Teleradiology hubs could be structured on the clone to remotely interpret scans for district hospitals. Mental health portals use it for online therapy. Post-COVID, home care divisions blossom attending discharged cases through virtual visits at scale.

Investment write-offs happen gradually with added users instead of heavy infrastructure spends. Features like AI triage bots and remote patient monitoring IoT tools evolve the platform into an integrated delivery network. Franchising opportunities emerge too where successful adopters share their model via custom cloning their solution for others running quality copycat operations.

In conclusion, Practo-like digital healthcare infrastructure especially customized cloning opens exciting vistas for practices to enhance their reach, services, efficiency and growth sustainably aligning with emerging global paradigms around medical delivery and wellness centricity. Its immense transformative potential merits due consideration by healthcare entrepreneurs and delivery systems.

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