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30% of ‘Outstanding’ ratings given Abu Dhabi private firms

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30% of 'Outstanding' ratings given Abu Dhabi private firms
30% of 'Outstanding' ratings given Abu Dhabi private firms

The results of the Phase 1 National Identity Mark, which were made public by the emirate’s education body, show that up to 29 private schools out of 87 have received either “outstanding” or “good” ratings in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) unveiled the first-ever National Identity Mark in May of this year in an effort to give parents complete transparency on the caliber of national identity programs and related activities provided in private schools throughout the emirate.

The majority of Emirati children’ private schools—87 of them—were evaluated in the first round. Eight of them were judged to be “outstanding,” 21 to be “good,” 35 to be “acceptable,” and 23 to be “weak.”

  • British International School in Abu Dhabi (also rated ‘outstanding’ in the latest Irtiqa’a inspection)
  • Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls
  • Sheikh Zayed Academy for Boys
  • Emirates National Schools, MBZ City,
  • Al Ittihad National Private School, Khalifa City,
  • Al Ittihad National Private School, Shakhbout City,
  • Emirates National Schools, Branch 3,
  • Adnoc Schools, Sas Al Nakhl

The evaluation framework covered three main domains, each with three pertinent dimensions: “culture,” which included history, heritage, and Arabic language and served as one of the framework’s primary focus areas; “values,” which included respect, compassion, and understanding of other cultures; and “citizenship,” which included belonging, volunteering, and conservation.

With a solid foundation based on their own cultural heritage, Emirati students will be better equipped to traverse the diverse global landscape thanks to the National Identity Mark, which aims to deepen their understanding of UAE traditions, practices, and values.

To assist assure educational equity, openness, and accountability across all Abu Dhabi private schools with national students enrolled, the grading system evaluated curricula and school culture. Additionally, it provided schools with the chance to establish and improve their national identification programs.

According to Adek, the phase 2 evaluations will start with the 2023–2024 school year and include more private institutions. Private schools without national enrolment are urged to offer national identity initiatives and programs that will connect their students to the vibrant history and customs of the nation.

The yearly Irtiqa’a Inspection conducted by Adek, which examines the performance standards of the emirate’s private schools and offers suggestions for enhanced performance, will not be compared to the National Identity Mark rankings.

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