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5 Must Read Books For Book Lovers In 2024

Must Read Books

Calling all the literature enthusiasts and bookworms! It is the perfect time to update our TBR piles with compelling reads that guarantee to inspire and enchant.

This is an odd time of the year. One where we are never quite sure what day of the week it is. We hardly change out of our pyjamas and we hardly take a minute or two to reflect on the day we just spent.

All of this makes it a perfect time to look ahead to the next book we are going to pick up from our shelves.

Well, it is not a secret that in the publishing world, there are a lot of books on hand to fill a library. This is why, we have rounded up five titles that are must read books for book lovers in 2024. Psst! No, we didn’t mention the one written by Prince Harry!

So, let us get the ball rolling!

Ready To Update Your TBR? Here’s What You Must Buy!

If you are thinking of updating your TBR or planning to write a book yourself, then you have to give these titles a shot before you spend money on new books or submit your work to reputable book publishers in Dubai. Here is a short list of some of the must read books for book lovers.

 “The Reading List” – By Sara Nisha Adams (2021)

Who would not love to read a heartfelt story set in Wembley, West London, written by Sara Nisha Adams? This book revolves around the tragic story of a Widower Mukesh, who is living a cushy life after the demise of his beloved wife. Only one thing keeps him awake at night – the concern for his granddaughter, Priya, who spends her time locked in her room reading books.

Aleisha is an anxious but bright teenager who works at a local library as her summer job. There, she comes across a paper containing a reading list. Bored and intrigued she dives a bit deeper into the list and starts to read everyone on it. This list takes her away from the painful realities she is facing at her home.

At the same time, to strengthen the connection with his booklover granddaughter Priya, Mukesh visits the local library with her. There, Aleisha gives him the reading list she found, and slowly, they start to bond over those fun fictional worlds and escape from their day-to-day problems. This book is truly one of the must read books for book lovers.

“The Silence Of Scheherazade” – By Defne Suman (2016)

This book is set in the ancient city of Smyrna. It is based on the interconnected destinies of four families as the split-up of the Ottoman Empire strips down their peaceful city. Death, birth, grief, romance, and a lot more are intertwined together as the cosmopolitan, peaceful streets are used no less than bargaining chips.

It is yet another classic for book lovers as it offers a sneak peek at a culture rich with complexity and history. If you, too are a fan of the historical fiction genre, then you will enjoy reading this masterpiece as it perfectly merges entertainment with a journey into the past.

“Letters To A Young Poet” – By Rainer Maria Rilke (1929)

Next up on our list, we have “Letter to a Young Poet.” This book features the life-changing advice given by Rilke to an emerging young author. That advice is one of the most heartening expressions of innovativeness. If you are willing to feel safe in your own skin, then now is the perfect time to get your hands on this book.

In this masterpiece, Rilke offers the best advice and insights to people possessing artistic minds and creative souls. It is focused on being genuine with oneself and getting the power to follow one’s desired path. So, if you are seeking artistic guidance and inspiration, then this is a must-read book for you.

“House Of Flame And Shadow” – By Sarah J. Maas (2024)

No one can do literary multiverse as perfectly as Sarah J. Mass. The Crescent City series is a take on heroic urban fantasy that is rich in magic, snarky flirting, murder, and whatnot. House of Flame and Shadow is without a doubt one of the must read books for book lovers that will leave you eager and screaming for more.

This book revolves around Bryce Quinlan, who enters a new realm that is not like anything she has ever known. But Hunt Athalar will do everything he can to hunt her down. Surrounded by strangers and enemies, there is no way of telling who they can rely on until they find their way back to one another. You can get your hands on this book from any local bookshop or shop that offers book printing in Dubai.

“Funny Story” – By Emily Henry (2024)

The queen of rom-com is back again with a new romance novel that will surely tug your heartstrings. Emily Henry has returned with her fifth romance novel which, like all her previous work, has made it to all the lists of must read books for book lovers. Funny Story follows the tale of Miles and Daphne as they walk through the heartache by trying to get back at their exes.

They, then discover that their exes are dating one another. Thus, they start to plan to fake a relationship to make their ex-significant others jealous. But, what they seem to forget is that one can only walk the line between real and fake for so long though, no?

How can I read more books in 2024?

There are a lot of ways to dedicate more time to reading more books. Here are some ways:

  1. Find a suitable time
  2. Choose your format
  3. Share your thoughts
  4. Read outside your bookshelf
  5. Add more books to your TBR list

How many books should I read per year?

If you have other commitments along with a full-time job, then the reasonable book goal for a year would be about 12 to 15 books. However, if you are comfortable with reading more books then go on! There will be nothing stopping you.

What types of books do people read the most?

The top books people love to read are:

  1. Biographies
  2. History
  3. Mystery

What is that one book that everyone must read?

Pride and Prejudice is definitely the book that everyone must read at least once in their lifetimes. It is a timeless, delightful and utterly amusing book. If you have not met Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet yet, then now is the perfect time to meet them.

Summing It All Up!

And that is it! All of the books we mentioned above are truly must read books for book lovers. Every one of them is a remarkable read and offers unforgettable stories and diverse perspectives. We hope you enjoy reading these gems as much as we did sharing them with you. We hope that these experiences will enrich your reading experiences as they did ours. Did you find anyone that you have read already, or planning to read next? Let us know!

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