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5 reasons why you should study in Bristol

study in Bristol

Study in Bristol for foreign students is one of the most vibrant cities which is known for its lively culture as well as exciting atmosphere. This place is home to top-notch universities, diverse nightlife as well as amazing leisure activities. Many students are attracted to this place. The history over here is quite rich and it dates back centuries. Bristol offers the students a plethora of cultural experiences as well as nightlife to explore alongside the best educational opportunities. There are many reasons why you should go to the university over here, but we have listed down 5 important ones. Let’s dive in. 

Student accommodation options in Bristol 

If you are looking for student accommodation Bristol, then you should know there are 3 major configurations that classify the housing options. Let’s check out all the 3 options. 

  1. Shared: A shared room is where you can find two or more students sharing a single room, washroom, kitchen as well as other shared spaces. 
  2. En-suite or private room: An en-suite room is where you can find a private bedroom as well as a bathroom. The kitchen as well as the living areas are shared with others. 
  3. Studios: A studio is basically a self-contained unit that comprises a bedroom, kitchen, and a private washroom. Two students can book a single studio together if the landlord permits. 

The Colston Bristol is one of the referred student accommodations. You can check out the accommodation as it is well-equipped with many amenities as well as safety features. 

Why Bristol is considered as the best place to study 

  1. You can explore the countryside on weekends: While Bristol itself offers different kinds of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. If you want to get out of the city, then you can easily explore the most beautiful countryside without travelling a lot of distance. There are different areas of outstanding natural beauty nearby including the Mendip Hills that are perfect for any outdoor activities such as rock-climbing and abseiling as well as Cotswolds that is pretty English villages. 
  2. The best universities: The University of Bristol has ranked 15th in the UK as per the complete university guide’s 2024 league tables. The University of the West of England came in the top ten UK universities for different subjects like paramedic science, optometry, psychotherapy & occupational therapy.
  3. A wide range of cool festivals: The city has been hosting a wide range of music festivals like the Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol Sounds, and many other festivals that the students can enjoy to the fullest. However, the most renowned one is the Glastonbury Festival which takes place just down the road. Not only are the music festivals popular over here, but there is a festival for almost every interest even the hot air balloons. The 4-day Bristol International Balloon Fiesta takes place every August and attracts more than 130 balloons from different parts of the world. The site is really amazing and it is free to attend. 
  4. Great student service: The student services at both of the universities offer high-quality care for those who look for extra help with their studies. You can also get general advice for international students so that you can live hassle-free in the city. You will always find someone ready to assist if you need a bit of extra care. 
  5. Enjoy a fun music scene: Another amazing reason why you should study in this city is that there is always something happening. Bristol is the home to a musical genre named “Trip hop” which is a blend of electronic music and hip-hop and has gained a huge following. It originated in the 1990s and youth love it. Bristol is also a city that has pioneered drum and bass music. You can visit cubs such as Motion which host amazing DJs to make you groove. 

Wrapping Up 

Bristol is one of the most beautiful cities which has a reputation that precedes itself amongst the international students and provides different dynamic features. Here you can find a wide range of vibrant spots that cater to people of different ages. The town over here is an ideal place to live. For those who can enjoy being around natural beauty, visit the beautiful Castle Park. It is a calm retreat by the water. Bristol is also known as a paradise for Instagram lovers.

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