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50 Discount Traffic Fines Dubai Provided By Dubai Police

Dubai drivers, listen up! The Dubai Police have announced a 50% discount on all traffic fines paid before the end of December 2023—the Dubai traffic fines discount 2023 last date. Before the busy holiday season, you can clear any fines you have. It’s really a great opportunity.


The announcement has arrived in time for people who are increasing their budgets for holiday socializing and travel. Having to pay full traffic fines on top of other expenses can be painful. However, the discount will encourage more drivers to clear their fines and start 2023 with a clean slate.

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Why Discount Traffic Fines?

During the holiday season, the Dubai Police will give a discount on traffic fines as a kind gesture. In the past as well, they have provided discounts on traffic fines up to 25% during Ramadan and Eid holidays. But this is the first time they are offering discounts as steep as 50% on traffic fines across Dubai.

According to official sources, the discount is aimed at easing financial pressure which citizens may face while preparing for the holiday season. Clearing fines in advance will also allow motorists to start fresh next year. This Dubai fine discount initiative will also encourage motorists to pay attention to traffic rules. By reducing accidents and violations over the holidays, Dubai hopes to spread more cheer.

Details of the 50% discount:
The Dubai Police authority has outlined clear guidelines about the 50% discount offer on traffic fines:

  • All types of traffic fines issued before November 29, 2023, are eligible. This includes fines for speeding, jumping signals, parking, etc.
  • The discount is applicable for a limited period from November 29 until the end of December 2023. All fines must be paid within this window to avail of the 50% off.
  • Both UAE nationals and expats residing in Dubai can enjoy this discount offer on clearance of their traffic fines. 

How To Pay Discounted Fines?
Motorists have plenty of options to clear their outstanding traffic fines at a 50% discount during November and December:

Dubai Police app: Log into the app using the traffic file number and pay online.

Dubai Police website: Register on the website and pay online.

Banks: Pay at the designated counters of 11 banks in Dubai, including Emirates NBD and ADCB.

Police stations and centers: Visit the nearest center with a civil ID and a passport copy.

Smart kiosks across Dubai: Make payments using a civil ID card.


The amount payable after the 50% discount and the traffic file number are required during all payments. Print or save a digital receipt for your records.
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Benefits of Paying Traffic Fines:

Clearing traffic fines without delay has plenty of advantages:

  • Avoid the 25% yearly delay fine accrued on unpaid fines. Paying now cuts the overall fine amount by half.
  • Prevent bank account or salary freezes for excessive pending fines as per 
  • UAE laws.
  • Peace of mind and a stress-free holiday season without legal penalties looming.
  • Start the new year with a clean slate with respect to traffic rules.

The discount offer is a great motivation to promptly clear fines, which can otherwise keep accumulating. Paying them now avoids an extra financial burden as well as legal action.

Traffic Rules To Focus On Future:
The authorities want citizens to appreciate this and follow traffic rules more. Discounts may help temporarily, but the main goal is to promote safe driving habits. We can hope that such discounts can be a recurring gesture during major festivals, holidays, and landmark occasions. But motorists must not take undue advantage of regular fine amnesties.

To make roads safer, Dubai traffic authorities are using more CCTV and speed radars. They are also implementing tougher penalties for repeat violations. Fines can include car impounding and driving license suspensions for extreme repeat offenders. The goal is to have minimal traffic violations so that motorists themselves stay safe on the roads. We can still take tough action if people misunderstand leniency and break driving rules on purpose.


The 50% discount on traffic fines offers Dubai drivers great savings before year-end. Drivers are advised to check if they have any pending fines and take advantage of this opportunity. Clearing fines will prevent the accumulation of additional fees as well as give peace of mind leading into 2023.

Going forward, drivers must make a conscious effort to abide by traffic rules for their own and others’ safety. Though occasional discounts are welcomed, safe driving habits will go a long way in avoiding fines as well as accidents. Keeping up and being mindful on the roads should be the main priority rather than relying on fine permissions. 

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