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6 Best Things to Do as an International Student in the UK

International Student in the UK

When starting a course in a new country such as the UK, as an international student, you may experience both excitement and overwhelm. With so many forms to complete and assignments to complete, your to-do list will be double that of a home learner. To assist you in ranking the best six things to do as soon as you arrive in Wolverhampton, UK, we have broken everything down in this comprehensive guide.

  1. Check-in at the student accommodation 

In Wolverhampton, UK, there are three main categories of student accommodation in Wolverhampton: private landlords, commercial student apartments, and university residence halls. You must check in when you arrive for any of them. It’s crucial to thoroughly inspect your home’s or apartment’s inventory. If you see any damage or inconsistencies, snap pictures and get in touch with the landlord right once.

If you opt to live off-campus then it is important to inspect several neighbourhoods in order to pick the best to live in. There are several neighbourhoods and locations in Wolverhampton where you can locate and reserve budget-friendly student accommodation options in Wolverhampton. In Wolverhampton, the neighbourhoods of Bushbury, Chapel Ash, Ashmore Park, and Bilston are among the greatest places to live. 

Among the city’s top options for student housing are: 

  • iQ Fiveways House
  • Chambers 51
  • Haus City Centre Luxury Apartment
  1. Explore your neighbourhood

As a foreign student in a foreign land, you will be drawn to explore your surroundings. This is something you should do during the weekend! Simply exploring the historic alleys and alleyways close to your UK university is one of the best student activities you can engage in. Going for a stroll is a great way to discover the best student accommodation in Wolverhampton, little corners of town that you’ve never heard of, locate fascinating places to visit, and learn more about your local region if you’re like being active and getting out of your room.

  1. Tours of Castles

The United Kingdom is home to a wide array of castles. They are dispersed throughout; they can be found on the seashore and in even the biggest towns (such as the Tower of London). You can take a tour of every castle from your private student accommodation in Wolverhampton, learn about its history, and even spend the night in a real British castle! You’ll find a lot of international students visiting these kinds of sights because castles are less frequent in nations like the US and Australia. To find out more, speak with your international affairs office or a travel agent. A lot of websites and businesses provide various kinds of castle tours.

  1. Wolf Mountain Activity Centre

It is a multi-use facility that offers a range of outdoor activities and climbing. Are you up for the challenge? The Wolf Mountain Activity Centre is the best place to do indoor climbing, bouldering, and caving. It offers over 180 routes for lead and top rope climbing, as well as a large bouldering area for free ascents. To truly grasp the concept, there are courses available as well as a complimentary trial session to help you get started! There are additional team-building activities, abseiling, mountain biking, and archery available.

  1. Gallery of Wolverhampton Art 

It is a purpose-built, neoclassical gallery with an impressive collection of artwork.  The best collections from the Victorian and Georgian eras may be seen in the gallery, which was built using bathstone. The museum holds pieces by landscape artists including David Cox, Henry Mark Anthony, and David Roberts as well as works by Pre-Raphaelites like Frederic Shields, many of which have been donated by fans of industrial art. Japanese woodblock prints, Persian metalware, and pottery from China, India, and Britain are also on display. Visit it with your new friends that you have met at your Wolverhampton student accommodation.

  1. Go to a sporting event

Make sure you attend a sporting event before departing for your native nation, if for no other reason. Attending sporting events is a great passion for many UK residents.

To share in the thrill, you don’t even need to attend a major sporting event. It’s likely that your university has amateur sports teams that you might join, or that you can watch a rugby or football match on campus. Additionally, you can look into local teams. Checking out sports programmes could lead to the discovery of some excellent pals, as athletics play a significant role in British culture.

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