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6 Incredible Outdoor Adventures In Abu Dhabi: You Should Do

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Outdoor Adventures In Abu Dhabi

There are several people who want to enjoy their holidays like never before. Why? Because everyone is doing jobs it’s common but not every person takes on the pressure of workload. So, imagine that you’re working for almost three years for a company and after doing so much hard work you’re promoted to a better position. It’s really impressive! Well, now you have holidays and you are planning to do some outdoor adventure in a specific country’s city. 

When it comes to taking challenges means preparing yourself for scary adventures, UAE is the best place ever to go. Let’s say, you have made up your mind to go to the UAE now, which city-state you prefer to go to. It’s hard to decide but you don’t have to be worried! Because we understand the thoughts of our potential audience. So inside UAE Abu Dhabi is the best place for outdoor adventures. Keeping this in mind, we’ve researched the 6 most incredible outdoor adventures in Abu Dhabi that can blow your mind. 


Let’s discuss it in detail!

Top Outdoor Adventures In Abu Dhabi:

Before moving forward to discuss each adventure, we’ve categorized the outdoors sequentially to make things easier for you to understand. So without wasting further time, let’s get started!

Desert Adventures In Abu Dhabi:

These adventures are specially designed to perform in sand areas. Sounds interesting! Should we go there? This is a question everyone can probably think of well let’s figure it out!

Dune Bashing:

It’s simple to find someone in the large sandy desert who can take you on an exciting trip across the sand dunes. Just jump into a powerful off-road vehicle (known as a 4×4) and relax as an experienced driver handles the dunes’ ups and downs. When staying at peaceful desert resorts like Tilal Liwa, you may also select from a variety of dune bashing packages. Impressive!

Desert Off-Road Riding:

Driving across sand dunes may be a thrilling experience! There are six desert off-road roads in Abu Dhabi to select from. You get to drive your own car on these outings. Along the trip, you’ll see abandoned cars, remote campsites, towering sand dunes, and even camels! These pathways produce excellent sounds for those who want to enjoy both off-road riding and observing. Well, If you’re totally new to this and simply want to try something new, you can join a larger group for that kind of thrilling experience.

Saluki And Falcon Display:

Many years ago, Arabian Saluki dogs were mainly used for hunting, but they didn’t hunt alone. They all worked together with so much passion like strong desert falcons. The falcons would fly down to catch prey, and the fast Saluki dogs would then capture it. You can see this amazing show of speed, loyalty, and cleverness at the Falcon and Saluki show, which happens twice a day at the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. Don’t ever try to forget  it!

Water Adventures In Abu Dhabi:

So as we discussed the desert outdoor adventures it’s time to move one step ahead. Let’s discuss some of the water adventures to give you more scary thrills. Stay Connected!


If you enjoy water activities, Abu Dhabi has enough for you to offer.Try your hand at wakeboarding! It’s similar to surfing, but you’re being pulled by a speedboat. It can be done to do so at sites such as the Al Forsan International Sports Resort. They drag you over the water using a string. You may also look into other watersports places that provide wakeboarding. It’s a fun way to discover new things while on vacation.

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling:

Many people are uninformed that Abu Dhabi is made up of several islands. That aspect may make it a more attractive location for snorkeling and diving lovers. You don’t have to be a skilled diver to appreciate the water. PADI-certified courses are available at Sea Hawk Water Sports and Adventures in Abu Dhabi. You can attend one of their courses if you wish to attempt snorkeling or diving. It’s really a fun way to relax yourself while staying and learning different things about the underwater environment.

Safari Boats At Sea:

This outdoor adventure will be very thrilling because the beautiful seaside of Abu Dhabi with the Sea Safari boat will give you goosebumps. You may easily catch several fish species, go on sea adventures, and rent boats. Have a great day with your friends or family without stressing about the plans. You may watch the sunset, cruise near to the corniche, enjoy a beach BBQ, or explore several islands.


As we discussed the six best outdoor adventures in Abu Dhabi. I can definitely say that if you are planning to go somewhere like adventurous destinations the places we have just discussed are the best destinations in the world. If you don’t believe in our statement, you can go out with your family and chill. Hope you get my point!

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