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8 Ways to Travel Abroad on a Budget

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Visiting abroad for higher education is a long-lasting trend without any second thought. Students from different continents like to visit various countries, especially in developed nations like the UK and the USA for higher education. But, students who visit abroad for their higher studies have various concerns. One such concern is traveling abroad on a budget.

If you have a high budget then money may not be a constraint. But, for low-budget academics, it is an issue. Here, you will read about 8 ways to travel abroad on a budget.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Travel Abroad

  1. Get Student Discounts in Your Host City

Do you make use of the many student discounts and travel cards? Various nations provide student discounts for public transit, museums, attractions, and even airline flights. Purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to enjoy different discounts all over the world. These cards save travel costs to a considerable extent, which enables students to see neighbouring cities or countries.

  1. Make Use of Available Resources Provided by Your University

Use the available resources in your university. Various learning institutions provide travel grants, scholarships, or organized group trips at concessionary prices to students. Research study abroad programs, exchange opportunities, or student organizations that provide affordable travel options. These programs usually offer a systematic and cost-effective way for students to travel around different parts of the world building up connections.

  1. Off-Peak Travel

Try not to travel during high seasons so that you can benefit from cheap flight tickets. Travel flexibility can result in great savings. Use online products such as sites or apps that allow you to compare prices in order to find the lowest cost. Further discounts are achieved through open-mindedness to travel midweek or inconvenient flight hours.

  1. Budget-Friendly Accommodations

Accommodation expenses constitute a good part of the travelling budget. Sites such as universityliving.com offer more inexpensive options, making it possible for students to get quite reasonable-priced stay.

For example, if you need student accommodation in Cardiff UK, you can find a list of housing properties in Cardiff on such websites. You can also read the details of properties on such sites.

In the details, you can read their prices also and easily find cheap student accommodation Cardiff. Apart from the prices, you can read other details on the aforesaid websites.

You can also know about the amenities and find the best student accommodation in Cardiff according to your preferences. You can use the same platforms to find accommodation in many other cities in the world.

It is advised to search for private student accommodation Cardiff or private accommodation in any other part of the world to find the best suitable accommodation on your budget.

  1. Culinary Exploration on a Budget

It’s part of the fun to taste new restaurants as one travels, and an international student can enjoy a variety without spending too much money. Choose local markets, street vendors, and inexpensive eateries to enjoy real tastes without busting the budget. The local cuisine can be leveraged as an opportunity to experience a new culture.

  1. Travel in Groups and Split the Costs

One of the advantages of group travelling is reduced cost at an individual level. Why not organize trips for fellow international students and live together sharing rent? As a rule, group discounts apply to tours and activities offering an inexpensive alternative for traveling together.

  1. Use Public Transportation and Walk 

Using public transportation instead of cabs or hired cars can help reduce the cost of travelling. Many cities have cost-effective public transport systems such as buses, railways, metros, and more. Another economical approach is walking which provides an opportunity to see the destination while saving on transportation costs.

  1. Volunteer and Exchange Programs

It may be prudent for you to join volunteer or exchange programs to save on the travel cost. Volunteers can work on meaningful projects abroad through organizations like AIESEC or International Volunteering Headquarters. It enables individuals to travel while working on a good cause and save money on travelling.


Apart from the abovementioned tips, you can make a list of necessary and unnecessary expenses and reduce the unnecessary ones.

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