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Top 9 Rules For UAE Students To Craft A 1000-Word Essay

UAE Students

If you are looking for some tips and techniques to master the craft of writing 1000-word essays, then you have come to the right blog.

In this piece of writing, we have shared some useful strategies that will help you develop thoughtful and creative essays.

We know essays are a bit challenging as they are short and crisp and need writers’ thorough attention. Therefore, it is a great practice to remember certain rules before starting writing your essay.

So, let’s dig deep into the rules to gain mastery over the 1000-word essay!

Some Useful Strategies to Apply For Writing Superb Essays

Rule Number 1: Select Interesting Topic for UAE Students

The first rule of writing a wonderful essay is to select an interesting topic. Most of the time, what happens is that we miss the opportunity to create the right impact on the readers due to the boring and outdated topic.

The key to selecting engaging topics is keeping in view what people have been searching for recently, whether the topic is beneficial to the readers, and what market trending topics are. By following these points, you will be able to select an interesting topic that will help persuade your readers.

Further, if you still feel confused, then you could avail yourself of online essay writing services to develop your essays by professionals.

Rule Number 2: Do Brainstorming

Next comes the brainstorming. It is mostly the missed step which students don’t pay attention to. However, it is of so much importance that it makes your topic and the writing direction proficient and smooth.

Brainstorming simply means that you have to jot down your thoughts regarding a topic. One thing to keep in view here is that it is essential because you have to write on the topic from your viewpoint. After all, if you incorporate all the information from the internet, readers will not benefit from your ideas.

Rule Number 3: Research the Information

Then comes the researching part. Finding relevant information related to your topic is as important as finding a topic. This is done to evaluate current and past scenarios. If you want your essay to give an updated and fresh vibe, then researching the latest information is a must. Don’t skip this step, as this will only result in developing a poor-quality essay.

You know – the latest info will help engage the readers and increase the credibility of your piece of writing.

Rule Number 4: Plan the Structure

Planning for the structure of the essay is the most underrated strategy. If you are writing a 2000-word essay and exceed the word limit, then compressing it would be a difficult and frustrating process. Therefore, if you plan the structure before writing your essay, you will not face such issues.

You have to divide your word count into paragraphs and write each para according to that. The tip here is to give the intro and concluding paragraphs a higher word count.

Rule Number 5: Maintain Sentence Structures

When you write an essay, especially one that is 1000 words, make sure to maintain sentence structures. This means – don’t develop your sentences that are too long or too short. This will confuse your readers and jumble up their minds. The point here is, to maintain the flow of sentence structures. Don’t make them wordy and syntactically complex.

Essays that are well-written are easy to digest and simple to read. It shouldn’t be the case that people have difficulty getting your idea or face comprehension issues.

Rule Number 6: Avoid Complex Language

The mistakes that are often committed by writers ‘ language and vocabulary usage. They used so complex words that it deviated the attention of readers. This happens because they do not research the audience well. Also, they do not focus on the topic. For instance, if the topic refers to a simple guide, it should consist of simple words instead of an elite and thick vocabulary.

The idea here is to, study the context, audience and age group of the audience first, and then start composing your essays accordingly.

Rule Number 7: Use Supporting Evidence

The usage of supporting evidence in an essay is of great importance. Why? Because it gives readers the idea that you have presented a general and objective point of view. This doesn’t mean that you should not write from your perspective. This implies only that you have presented a wholesome image in front of them, just like research papers.

Also, the information you have researched in the beginning will help you resolve this part of the essay efficiently.

Rule Number 8: Don’t Skip Conclusion and Intro

Another very important aspect of the essay is embedding the introduction and conclusion. This point applies to every type of essay, whether an admission or a descriptive one. Though you find it unnecessary, it is of great value. This makes your essay look more professional and well thought out. These particular things imply that the writer is interested in getting his point across.

Further, this helps readers to understand what point the writer is making from the beginning to the end and facilitates them to make up their minds till the end.

Also, suppose you need any professional assistance for developing your admission essay. In that case, you might avail of admission essay help from UAE services or other online service providers to draft one for you.

Rule Number 9: Proofread Your Essay

The last and foremost rule is proofreading your essay. It is as much of important as eating food to gain energy. You know – we write things in the flow and leave a chance of error. So, proofreading helps us perfect our essays.

What we do is that – just because of laziness or to save some time- we skip this part and submit essays as they are. This impacted readers in a worse way and gave them the impression that the piece was submitted in a hurry.

Hence, it is viable and an awesome rule to allot a certain amount of time for proofreading and give your essay a pleasant and flowy effect.


What three things to keep in view before starting writing an essay?

The three things to keep in mind before starting to write an essay include brainstorming ideas that are relevant to the topic, researching the information as well as the audience, and planning the essay structure precisely.

What impact does vocabulary make on an essay?

The usage of vocabulary impacts your essay in numerous ways. For example, if you use complex language, readers will find it difficult to understand and stop reading the topic at the start.

Can we start writing an essay with the question?

Yes, you can start writing your essay with the question. It creates an impression on the readers, engages them to answer the question, and further develops their interest in continuing to read the essay.

What are the best rules for creating a wonderful essay?

The three best rules for creating a wonderful essay include thorough proofreading and selecting engaging and beneficial topics. Also, incorporate an introduction and conclusion in your essay.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! Essays are enjoyable forms of writing, especially if they are short and to the point. Crafting them requires great skills; however, the skills can be mastered if the essay planning is done appropriately. Their types can vary from logical to super imaginative, but the commonality between all is the presence of introduction and conclusion. No matter how hard you try to keep your practices aligned with the standards that are followed, there is always a chance of error. Therefore, what better is that to get your essays checked by online services and seek personalized guidance to have wonderful essays in your pocket?

A Good Essay Is What People Take Benefit From!

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