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A Complete Guide to UAE Tourist Visa: What You Need to Know

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UAE Tourist Visa

Welcome to your ultimate resource on UAE tourist visas. Whether you’re planning a vacation or considering a longer stay in the United Arab Emirates, understanding the intricacies of tourist visas is crucial. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your UAE visit smooth and hassle-free. From visa types to application procedures, FAQs, and insider tips, we’ve got you covered.

Types of UAE Tourist Visas

If you’re visiting the UAE for leisure or business purposes, you’ll likely need a tourist visa. Here are the main types:

1. Visit Visa

A visit visa is suitable for short-term tourists. It’s valid for 30 or 90 days and can be extended.

2. Transit Visa

For those with layovers in the UAE, a transit visa allows a stay of up to 96 hours.

3. Multiple-Entry Visa

Ideal for frequent travelers, this visa allows multiple entries within 30 or 90 days.

A complete guide to uae tourist visa: what you need to know

Visa Application Process

Getting your UAE tourist visa is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

1. Prepare the required documents.

Gather documents like passport copies, passport-sized photos, and an invitation letter, if applicable.

2. Apply online or through an agent.

You can apply online through the UAE government website or seek assistance from a visa agent.

3. Pay the fees.

Pay the visa fees, which vary based on the type and duration of the visa.

4. Await Approval

Visa processing typically takes 2 to 10 working days.

5. Receive your visa

Once approved, your visa will be emailed to you.

A Complete Guide to UAE Tourist Visas: What You Need to Know

What’s the visa validity period?

UAE tourist visas are typically valid for 30 or 90 days. Make sure to check your visa’s expiration date before traveling.

Can I Extend My Visit Visa?

Yes, you can extend your visit visa for another 30 days without leaving the country, but it’s advisable to start the extension process at least 3 days before your visa expires.

Are there visa overstay penalties?

Overstaying your UAE visa can result in fines, so always ensure you leave the country before your visa expires.

Can I work on a tourist visa?

No, working on a tourist visa is illegal in the UAE. If you plan to work, you’ll need a work permit and the appropriate visa.

Is health insurance mandatory?

While it’s not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to have health insurance when visiting the UAE, as healthcare can be expensive.

What Should I Wear While Visiting the UAE?

The UAE has a conservative dress code, especially in public places. Dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees, to show respect for the local culture.


Now that you have a complete understanding of UAE tourist visas, you can plan your trip with confidence. Remember to apply for the right type of visa, follow the application process diligently, and adhere to the UAE’s rules and regulations. Safe travels!

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