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Abu Dhabi Fine Discount: How To Get 35 Percent Discount

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The majority of drivers worldwide must deal with traffic fines on a regular basis. Abu Dhabi is a large city that has grown over time. It has a lot of traffic violations among passengers. Now Abu Dhabi Police has announced a blanket discount of 35% to provide big relief for all owners of Abu Dhabi registered vehicles across categories with pending traffic fines as of January 1, 2023. With a fast approaching deadline of March 31st, 2023, drivers in Abu Dhabi can resolve long-overdue traffic fines at half rates.


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How To Qualify For Dubai’s Traffic Fine Discount?


The discount policy encompasses all types of past traffic violations, with a few exceptions for serious offenses. Examples of common offenses include running red lights, speeding, not using turn signals, parking , and driving without registration. Using cellphones or eating or drinking while driving can also result in reduced violations. Even road safety equipment violations like defective lights, worn-out tires, broken mirrors, etc. now have a discount advantage. Reckless and negligent driving fines also come under the discount umbrella, provided no major accident has occurred. Furthermore, impounded vehicle release fees and abandoned vehicle penalties also have a discount now. But, fines for serious offenses such as drunk driving or running red lights during busy times for pedestrians are still not allowed.

Available Methods for Fine Payment:

Abu Dhabi Police makes it easy to pay traffic fines with online systems, service centers, and smart payment devices. Drivers can access the Darb app by logging in with their registered credentials and identity documents. They can then see their pending fines, choose the ones they are eligible for, and make instant payments online by linking a debit or credit card.

AD Police Website: Like the app, the ADP website also lists traffic fines against license numbers or civil IDs. You can directly pay fines online and filter them by discount eligibility.

Service Centers: Motorists can visit centers like Al Ain Traffic Department and Central Operations Command Centers and pay cash or cards for traffic fines while submitting documents.

Payment Machines: self-operated devices placed at malls, parking lots, etc. enable checking fines by entering civil IDs. Fines can be paid via cash or card swipe in one go.

Banks: Selected banks have fine payment services through ADP Police linkups. Fines reflect against IDs. Banks also have extended hours.

Wasl Accounts: Residents with Wasl Suite accounts can also view and pay traffic fines online alongside other bill payments. 

Advantages of Paying Discounted Fines Now:

  • Save up to 35% on costs. Paying fines with 35% off translates to saving a part of the fine amount, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.
  • Avoid future penalties. Drivers can compound pending fines now instead of being caught and having fines doubled or tripled later.
  • Renewing licenses and vehicle registration fines hinder the renewal of driving licenses and vehicle registrations. Timely payment avoids the inability to use vehicles .
  • Stress-Free Driving Drivers can enjoy peace of mind without worrying about the consequences of overlooked past fines.

Ignoring the Concession Deadline Risks:

The risks of not utilizing the 35% discount opportunity involve:

  • Having to pay full fine amounts later
  • License or registration renewal rejection upon detection of unpaid fines affecting daily drives.
  • Further penalties, car impoundment, or blacklisting once caught driving despite unpaid dues
  • long legal battles to retrieve impounded vehicles
  • Inability to sell or transfer ownership of vehicles with pending liabilities
  • Severe travel restrictions upon fine escalation to court orders
  • Potential job losses for commercial license holders or fleet owners if licenses get suspended but fines remain unpaid

Eligible Vehicle Categories for the Fine Discount: 

Abu Dhabi Police is offering a big 35% discount to help people with vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi. Anyone who owns a car, whether they are a citizen, resident expat, tenant, or visitor, can get lower fines. Commercial vehicle fleets owned by Abu Dhabi taxi companies, designated school buses, inter-emirate transport vehicles, and food trucks must pay lower penalties now. Government departments also have their official vehicles register violations sometimes, saving them expense duty costs now. Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles catching fines in other Emirates also avail concessions. So the incentive encompasses most known vehicle types, barring a few exceptions.


The Abu Dhabi 35% traffic fine discount until March 2023 is a significant boon for vehicle owners. It is a great chance to pay off fines quickly and inexpensively while avoiding future fees and documents problems. The scheme not only helps people with their finances, but it also encourages safe driving. With various payment options available, residents and expats alike can efficiently clear their dues, ensuring peace of mind and a fresh start for the year ahead.

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