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Abu Dhabi’s Zadna Food Safety Ratings — Detailed

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The new “Zadna Rating” program in Abu Dhabi is changing the way food safety is done. The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) is in charge of this project, which will change the way food safety is handled in the area. By putting in place a clear rating system for more than 6,900 food businesses, Abu Dhabi hopes to raise standards, improve public health, and boost its reputation as a top tourist spot. In this article, we will talk about the different parts of the Zadna Rating project and how it affects people, companies, and the community as a whole.

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What does the Zadna Rating Initiative mean?

ADAFSA’s Zadna Rating program is a big step toward making food safety in Abu Dhabi more clear. It includes putting stickers with special designs on places that serve food, like bakeries, bars, and catering companies. With these QR code-equipped stickers, it’s easy for people to find a venue’s food safety review. The goal of this project is not only to keep food safety standards high but also to build trust in these businesses. By the end of August, all 6,900 of the chosen food stores should have labels.

How does Zadna Rating help people?

The Zadna Rating program makes it easy for customers to find out how safe the food is at the restaurants they visit. Customers can read in-depth reviews of food places by reading the QR code on the Zadna sticker. People can make better decisions about where to eat because of this openness, which also boosts their general health and trust in food safety standards. The idea is also useful for tourists and guests because it gives them extra confidence in the quality of the food in Abu Dhabi.

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What does this mean for Abu Dhabi’s tourism?

The Zadna Rating program makes Abu Dhabi a star in food safety, which makes it a much more appealing place for tourists to visit. Tourists seeking culinary experiences can rely on the Zadna ratings for guidance, ensuring a high standard of food safety during their visit. This not only makes the trip more enjoyable for tourists, but it also helps Abu Dhabi’s image as a city that cares about public health and safety and is always looking for ways to improve them. The project is an important part of showing Abu Dhabi’s commitment to quality and safety, which makes it a popular place for sophisticated visitors from all over the world.

How does the Zadna Rating encourage businesses to do their best?

Food businesses in Abu Dhabi are encouraged to do their best by the Zadna Rating program. By publicly displaying ratings based on compliance with food safety standards, it motivates businesses to maintain high levels of hygiene and safety. This openness not only earns the trust of customers, but it also encourages competition so that great work is noticed and awarded. Businesses are encouraged to keep improving their methods so that they are in line with Abu Dhabi’s rules and standards. Ultimately, it contributes to a more vibrant and responsible food industry, where quality and safety are paramount.

Effects of the Zadna Rating System on the Economy:

The Zadna Rating System in Abu Dhabi will help businesses do better. It makes sure food places are safe and can be trusted. This makes it easier for businesses to try new things and grow. People who invest money and start new businesses will see that Abu Dhabi cares about quality. This might make more people want to put money into the food business there. Also, food places that get good ratings will be more liked and trusted by customers, which could mean they make more money. Over time, this rating system will help the whole economy in Abu Dhabi by making food services better and more well-known.

Ways that the Zadna Rating is Judged:

The Zadna Rating System checks food places in two different ways to give them a complete rating. The first check looks at how safe the food is. This is done through regular inspections as part of a yearly plan by ADAFSA. They see if the place follows Abu Dhabi’s rules for keeping food safe. The second check looks at other important things that show how good the food place is. These two checks together make sure each food place is judged fairly and in detail. This means the ratings they get are trustworthy and helpful for customers.


The Zadna Rating System, started by ADAFSA, is a big change for making food safer in Abu Dhabi. It’s good for people who eat the food because they can easily find out how safe and good it is. It also helps food businesses do better by pushing them to reach high standards and keep getting better. This system is really important for making Abu Dhabi’s economy and tourism stronger because it shows the city is serious about being excellent. When we think about all the different ways it helps, the Zadna Rating is a great example of smart government work and public health planning. It sets a high standard for cities all over the world

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