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Abu Dhabi healthcare to be transformed by Generative AI

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Generative AI

Generative AI: Med42, a new open-access Clinical Large Language Model (LLM) from M42, a global tech-enabled healthcare network, wants to take the idea of ethical AI in healthcare to a whole new level.

The 70-billion-parameter creative AI model was shown off in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. It will change the way healthcare is provided and directly impact how well patients are cared for.

Generative AI transformed by the Abu Dhabi healthcare

As an Generative AI assistant, MED42 helps doctors and nurses with difficult medical questions and makes personalized treatment plans for each patient by looking at their medical background. It helps doctors make decisions faster, helps pharmacists decide on dosages, and speeds up the review of medical books by scientists. The impressive 72% score it got on the US Medical Licensing Examination Sample Exam questions shows that it is better than bigger closed models.

A specialized team in Abu Dhabi created MED42. Experts from Cerebras and Core42 trained and improved it. The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence Generative AI examined the model for accuracy.

Abu dhabi healthcare to be transformed by generative ai

The director of Generative AI and Applied Sciences at G42, the parent company of M42, Dr. Shaddab Khan, said, “It’s one of the only open-sourced AI language models to pass the USMLE, which puts us ahead of much larger closed models.”

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, managing director and group CEO of M42, said, “Med42 will speed up access to healthcare knowledge around the world and shows our dedication to changing the healthcare sector in a big way.” M42 is pushing the limits of what’s possible in healthcare innovation and paving the way for more personalized, patient-centered care. We can make a big difference in the future of AI in healthcare by combining M42’s world-class healthcare knowledge with cutting-edge medical technologies. We want to see AI that is open to everyone, based on ethics, and puts users’ safety first.

“The launch of Med42 solidifies and shows the UAE’s leading position in the global generative AI space.” We are thankful for the help from the Abu Dhabi Department of Health and the city’s business community as a whole.

M42’s group chief operating officer, Ashish Koshy, said, “Innovation isn’t just about cutting-edge technologies.” It comes from providing safe and effective answers to problems that happen in the real world. Med42 is more than just a tool; it’s a place where people can work together. M42 wants to speed up global progress in using AI in healthcare by giving experts from all over the world the tools they need to improve and broaden the model’s uses in different areas of medicine. Because we work with top tech companies like Cerebras, we can make this vision come true and reach our long-term goals of changing things for the better.

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