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Albania Visa For UAE Residents: What You Need To Understand

Albania Visa For UAE Residents

Planning a trip to Albania? This tiny nation on the Adriatic Sea has stunning beaches, old towns, mountains, and tasty food. As a United Arab Emirates (UAE) resident, you can visit Albania by getting the right visa. This article will explain everything you need to know. 

Furthermore, we’ll cover the different visa types, fees, documents you need, and tips for applying. By the end, you’ll be ready to pack your bags! Albania offers affordability, culture, and nature.  

Let’s get started!

Albania Visa Requirements for UAE Visitors:

UAE passport holders have the benefit of obtaining their Albanian visa on arrival. But certain requirements must be met before boarding your flight:

Passport: You must have at least 6 months of validity remaining from your planned exit date.

To prove you have a place to stay, provide either hotel booking copies or a tour itinerary.

Travel/Health Insurance: Least coverage of €30,000 from an approved insurance company

Return Ticket Booking: A printed copy of your return or onward flight booking

Recent bank statements from the past 3 months prove you have enough money to support yourself.

Border agents may request these documents, so have them printed and ready to provide them. Families should also carry birth certificates when traveling with children. Carry some extra passport photos too, in case they are needed.

Albanian Tourist Visa:

The most common visa for UAE tourists is the single- or multiple-entry tourist visa. Key features include:

Duration: Up to 90 days in Albania are allowed per entry.

Validity: permits many entries within a set timeframe, such as 6 months or 1 year.

To apply for a visa, you need to fill out a form and have a valid UAE passport. To travel, you need passport photos. You also need travel insurance that covers €30,000 in medical costs. Additionally, you need confirmed hotel bookings or a tour package reservation for your whole stay.

Processing Time: Approximately 10 calendar days once the application is submitted.

Costs: Varies by nationality, but generally around $35 USD.

In Albania, with a tourist visa, you can do typical tourist things like sightseeing, trying local food, exploring old ruins and castles, and enjoying the beaches. You cannot work or study with this type of visa. It is quick and easy to get through the Albanian embassy as a UAE resident.

Albanian business visa:

If UAE residents need to go to Albania for work, they can get a business visa. They can stay for up to 90 days. You can go to conferences, trade shows, training seminars, corporate meetings, and other business activities.

Beyond the regular tourist visa documents, you must also supply:

invitation letter from the Albanian company you will visit, explaining your purpose, activities, and length.

Employer Letter: If you are visiting many companies, a letter from your Emirati employer explaining the reasons for the business trip

Processing is likewise 10 days long and costs around $50 USD on average. This visa allows you to meet Albanian clients and partners and do work while you’re here.

Albanian Work Visa:

If you have the chance to get hired for employment in Albania as a UAE national, you will need to get an Albanian work visa authorized before your trip. Key criteria for work visas include:

Contract: A local job offer or work contract from an Albanian institution is required.

Health Screening: Tuberculosis testing and medical exam at an approved facility

Work Permit Application: The employer files this first, then you apply for the visa.

Proof of Qualifications: University degrees, certificates, CV detailing skills

Validity: generally 6–12 months, with the option to extend

You need to gather additional items along with your passport, photos, and insurance. Processing can take 15+ days, and costs are dictated by nationality and visa subtype. These provide the chance to live and gain experience working in the Albanian economy.

Albanian Study Visa:

For youth or graduates wanting to study at one of Albania’s universities, a student visa allows long-term residence for academic purposes. Primary aspects include:

Admission Notice: Acceptance letter from an accredited Albanian college or university

Financial Verification: Bank statements or funding award letters enabling self-support

Housing Plans: Documentation on Where You Will Stay During Your Studies

Intended Field: Information on your planned degree specialization area

Medical Check: Examination and tuberculosis screening

To submit your study-related documents, background paperwork, passport, and photos, it takes time. So, apply early. Processing can take 15+ days pending background checks. But once approved, you can remain in Albania for the duration of your academic program.

Simple Visa Application Tips:

To ensure your Albanian visa application goes off without a hitch, keep these tips in mind:

Check Requirements: Confirm all your documents meet Albanian guidelines before applying. Have them translated into Arabic.

Submit your application package 2-3 months before you travel to give yourself extra time. Make photocopies of your passport, insurance, confirmations, etc. Keep them with you. Schedule your visa interview appointment as soon as you are ready to submit your documents.

Use a Visa Agency: Consider hiring an agency to handle securing appointments, providing guidance, and preparing documents. 

Verify Before Booking: Do not buy non-refundable flights until your visa is approved.

To prevent rejections or delays, ensure you meet all the technical requirements for your visa. If you submit your Albanian visa application early at the consulate, it allows extra time to fix any issues. Use these tips to make your visa process easy!


You now know everything you need to know to apply for an Albanian visa. That means it’s easy to get a visa from the UAE, whether you are a tourist or going there for work, school, or business. You can make plans when you know what documents, steps, and prices are needed. Take care of your visa early so you can plan your trips in Albania. Check out Tirana’s boulevards lined with coffee shops and the rough mountain trails. If you have a visa, you can visit Albania and enjoy its rich history and friendly people!

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