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Waterfront Villas Germany Island by The Heart of Europe

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Germany Island

Germany Island Waterfront Villas Inspired by Bauhaus Architecture

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Key Features​:

  • 8,658 sq.ft to 9,182 sq.ft
  • 4 or 5 bedrooms, with maid’s room
  • Bauhaus inspired design waterfront villas
  • Choice of beach or blue lagoon views
  • Floating piers walkways to other islands from Germany Island
  • 2 floors, balconies, solar panels
  • Infinity swimming pool with Jacuzzi, kids pool and deck area
  • Private beach access
  • Lush exotic ‘jungle’ gardens

The Heart of Europe: Germany Island Villas Overview:

Germany Island will feature a total of 15 aesthetically pleasing and modern beachfront villas, along with 17 villas situated near the lagoon. Each villa will provide breathtaking views of the waterfront and create an atmosphere of serenity and seclusion for its occupants.

The villas have a remarkable architectural presence, characterized by a fusion of Bauhaus aesthetics with contemporary, minimalist design principles. This amalgamation seamlessly integrates sleek and prominent lines, while also incorporating advanced technological features. The presence of floor-to-ceiling glass walls in your villa allows for the unobstructed entry of natural light and offers panoramic views of the beach. The villas will additionally be powered by means of environmentally friendly energy sources, such as green energy and solar power.Waterfront villas germany island by the heart of europeThe Germany Island project is designed with a horseshoe form, strategically planned to guarantee that each of the 32 luxury residences has unobstructed vistas of either the ocean or the lagoon.

Germany Island features three distinct categories of villas. There are two distinct categories of beachfront villas, as well as a separate category known as the semidetached lagoon villas. The 15 five bedroom plus maid’s beachfront villas are graced with an exterior pool deck, an infinity pool and direct access to your own well-manicured private beach. The property consists of seventeen four-bedroom villas situated around a lagoon, each including a private pool with direct access to the lagoon.

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