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Australia Visit Visa From Abu Dhabi: Types, Processing Time

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Australia is a great place to visit, with cool cities, beautiful beaches, and the amazing Great Barrier Reef. If you’re in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai and want to see Australia, it’s good to know about the visa options. This guide tells you all about getting an Australia tourist visa, whether you’re in Abu Dhabi or looking for an Australia tourist visa from Dubai. We’ll make it easy to understand the different types of visas, what you need for them, and how much they cost. Keep reading to plan a fun trip to Australia!

In simple words, we will explain the types of visas, what you need to apply for, and the costs. Read on to start planning an amazing adventure in Australia!

Most Popular Visa Types From Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi residents have two types of Australian visas for leisure travel.

Tourist Visa: Provides unlimited entries to Australia for 12 months as a tourist. available as single entry and many entry options. I must not intend to work or study. 

There are several subtypes based on nationality and length of stay.

A family visa: A longer-term visitor visa for people with family in Australia. It allows many entries for stays of up to 12 months at a time. Also, often a pathway to permanent residency. We simplified the process for UAE passport holders and some nationalities to get a tourist eVisa. The process is now simplified and can be completed online. 

Allows tourism stays in Australia for up to 3, 6, or 12 month periods with many entries, starting from $20 AUD. You can apply and get approved for a trip to Australia without paperwork or in-person meetings.

Standard Eligibility Requirements for All Applicants:

Here’s some of them in simple manner:

  • To get an Australian visitor visa in Abu Dhabi, you must meet specific requirements.
  • Possess a valid United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport.
  • Have enough funds to self-sponsor your travels and stay in Australia.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Have travel health insurance to cover your planned trip.
  • Do not intend to work or study while visiting Australia.
  • Have ties like homes or bank accounts prompting your return to the UAE.
  • Hold a return ticket or use the funds to sell one.
  • Cover visa-related fees, depending on type and duration.

Required Documents:

Along with completing your visa application form online, you’ll need to provide:

UAE Passport Copy: Machine-readable with at least 6 months of validity

Biometric data: Digital facial photographs and scanned fingerprints. 

Financial statements: 3 months of bank records proving you can support yourself

Accommodation details: Itinerary with confirmed bookings or details if visiting friends or family

Return flight booking: Either a ticket or proof you can buy it.

When applying for a family visa, additional documents, such as marriage certificates and proof of relationship with family members in Australia, must be uploaded for review.

Typical Visa Processing Timelines:

Once you submit a complete application from Abu Dhabi, here are the average processing timelines for Australian visas.

Online Tourist/Business eVisa: Generally processed within 24 hours once approved following background checks. fully electronic and allows instant entry once granted.

The tourist visa that uses paper is processed in 30 days for 75% of applications. For 90% of applications, it takes 60 days. This is for applications from the UAE. More screening can rarely extend up to a year.

Family Visa Subclass 600: 75% processed within 5 months. Complexity and security vetting can delay a subset of applications for up to 18 months in rare cases. It is recommended to apply several months in advance of planned travels.

Useful Expert Tips for Enhancing Chances of Approval:

To get your Australian visa approved, whether applying in Abu Dhabi or seeking an Australia visa in Dubai, follow these tips from experienced applicants and agents. Before your trip, review the requirements for a visa or tourist eVisa thoroughly. It’s crucial to apply at least 2-3 months in advance, and even up to 6 months ahead for more complex visas like the family visitor visa, to allow enough time for processing and reduce stress. Ensure your passport is in perfect condition, with no missing or damaged pages, to avoid any delays. 

When preparing your application, carefully study the document checklist and upload all the required items to avoid follow-up complications. Stay patient throughout the process and hold off on making non-refundable travel bookings until your visa is confirmed.


Australian visas provide many chances to discover Sydney harbors, the stunning Great Ocean Road, and the captivating Whitsunday Islands. If you want to go to Australia from Abu Dhabi, this guide helps you get permission ahead of time. Follow our tips to submit a strong visa application for quick approval. Then, you can enjoy cuddling koala bears, stargazing at the Outback night skies, and making unforgettable memories!


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