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What are the benefits and drawbacks of employee monitoring?

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Employee monitoring software is a new-emerging technology that optimizes businesses’ mobile workforce management. It offers numerous benefits to empower businesses. But each coin has two sides. Besides benefits, the software also has certain drawbacks. Let’s find them out in this blog!

Your employees are the first people to represent your brand. Their words can expand your business, regardless of whether they work in an office or on the field. Consequently, businesses need to be aware of their employees’ needs. Field employee monitoring software is beneficial for businesses, but sometimes it can cause frustration among employees. Therefore, businesses must be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of the software in advance. Keep reading this article to find out!

Employee Monitoring Software- An Overview

Employee tracking software is an innovative solution that optimizes field operations. The software allows companies to track and manage their mobile workforce in real time. It operates using a range of automation tools, including attendance management software, task management software, order management solutions, auto-performance reports, expense management software, and much more.

Companies must select employee monitoring software that provides all these features and seamless integration capabilities. Simply put, the software simplifies field employee monitoring, and businesses must exercise caution while choosing it.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Businesses usually find it difficult to manage their field forces. With an employee monitoring app, companies can wipe off all the hurdles that come their way. The software benefits businesses for a variety of reasons. Some of the key benefits are below:

  • Real-Time Insights

With employee tracking software, the manager can know the precise whereabouts of their mobile workforce. The software enables the manager to allocate tasks efficiently and boosts employee productivity. In addition, the app gives the manager real-time access to the field force’s battery and internet connectivity status.

  • Increased Productivity

When it comes to field force management, worker productivity is always a big worry. Field employee monitoring software offers many automation tools that enhance workforce productivity. For instance, employees can mark their attendance remotely with attendance and leave management software. Furthermore, order management software allows the field force and the manager to create and approve orders while on the go.

  • Enhanced Communication

Employee monitoring software facilitates team communication. The software provides voice and text messaging features to ensure seamless coordination between executives and managers. The communication feature of the app also protects businesses from insider threats.

  • Improved Transparency

Consider a situation where your mobile workforce productivity is low. Though there could be many reasons, one that often comes to the forefront is needing to complete their shift timings. Mobile workers typically log in late to work but mark their attendance online.

Employee attendance management software allows companies to enable a geo-verified attendance system. This feature of employee tracking software ensures transparency in employee productivity. Furthermore, the expense management solution of the app also allows businesses to streamline expense management and ensure a transparent claim trail.

  • Minimize Errors and Paperwork

Businesses can overcome the difficulty of keeping manual records by implementing employee monitoring software. Besides storing the records digitally, the software also helps in mitigating the risk of errors. To illustrate, when assigning tasks through e-mails, the manager mistakenly sends the wrong tasks to some of their field executives. However, with the task management software, the manager can automate and optimize the task assignment process.

  • Time and Cost-Saving

There is no denying that automation has the power to transform our lives. Whether for personal or professional tasks, automating workflows lowers costs and saves time. The employee monitoring app is a comprehensive solution that optimizes field workforce operations, which results in time and cost-saving. For instance, your mobile workforce does not have to commute to the office to mark attendance, get tasks, or reimburse claims. The software takes care of everything.

Drawbacks of Employee Monitoring Software

Despite the many advantages that field employee monitoring software provides, there are some situations where it becomes problematic. Given below are some drawbacks of employee tracking software:

  • Increased Stress

Micromanaging workers can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction, which ultimately results in decreased productivity. Furthermore, breaking down the time activity can cause stress among employees.

  • Feeling of Distrust

Trust is indeed essential to a smooth relationship in both personal and professional contexts. However, employees may feel untrusted if employee monitoring apps are implemented in businesses.

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns

When companies use employee monitoring software to track employee data, they run the risk of getting into legal trouble. However, the best way to overcome this is by informing them of the exact cause of monitoring the employees. Employees can comprehend and accept monitoring procedures once they are aware that using the software ethically is critical.

Wrap Up

Field employee monitoring software is an automation tool with both advantages and disadvantages. Though the app provides real-time insights, increases productivity, enhances communication, and improves transparency, it also increases stress among employees. However, companies can tell employees the precise need for introducing the software to create a sense of accomplishment among them.

When it comes to selecting the best employee tracking software, companies consider TrackoField to be their primary choice. Besides providing robust features, TrackoField’s employee monitoring app also offers seamless integration options. So, what on earth is holding you back? Get in touch with us now!

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