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Best Amenities Look for in Student Accommodation Belfast

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Student Accommodation Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and is the second-largest city after Dublin on the island of Ireland. The city stands on the banks of River Lagan and is a favorite destination of several visitors from across the globe. Numerous tourists visit this city for sightseeing. Besides, this UK city has been attracting many international students for the past few years.

There are two universities in Belfast, which are Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University. In addition to them, there are some further education colleges in this city among which Belfast Metropolitan College is the notable one. Both these institutes are offering quality education to students from the city, nation, and other parts of the world.

Moreover, there is no shortage of student accommodation in Belfast. Belfast comprises various housing properties where you can book accommodation. These properties provide amazing amenities to students for their studies, fitness, enjoyment, and many other aspects of their lives.

Let’s explore the best amenities to look for in student housing in Belfast.

Study Desk and Chair and Study Room

You visit Belfast to get higher education; therefore, study features are the major things you need in a student housing Belfast.

In most accommodations meant for students in Belfast, you find study desks and chairs where you can study comfortably and with full focus. Besides, many properties also provide study rooms for students to study in a calm environment and without any outer disturbance.


A gym is the sign of the best student accommodation in Belfast. Many housing properties in Belfast have in-house gyms, so students living there can access the workout machines without going outside their complexes. They can save their time to visit a gym that is located far from their accommodations and can make their workout routines while living inside their properties.

The gyms are equipped with advanced exercise machines, which allow you to build your body and stay fit.


There are some wonderful arrangements for entertainment in student housing properties in Belfast. In the complex of your accommodation in Belfast, you can also find an in-house cinema. So, you can have loads of entertainment while staying inside your accommodation property.

Games Room

Enjoyment for students does not end with the availability of cinemas. There are some more features, which allow you to enjoy in a student property in Belfast.

One of the fun features that you can find in your housing property is the games room. In the games rooms of student properties in Belfast, students can play the games like pool, table tennis, and football. The arrangements of games may be different in the case of distinct properties.


Televisions can also be found in student apartments in Belfast UK for entertainment and information of students. Residents can enjoy seeing cable TV programs, such as TV serials, news, sports, discovery programs, devotional programs, music shows, and more.

Some accommodations may also have smart TVs, so you can also enjoy the web series, movies, etc. on OTT platforms.

Internet Connection

The internet is a necessary aspect in the present scenario without any second thought. It is a major source of studies for students today. Besides, it is a prominent medium of communication for everyone. Online shopping, entertainment, and there are many other online tasks for which the internet is required today

For study-related tasks as well as other online tasks, Wi-Fi is available in most student accommodations in Belfast. So, you can connect your Wi-Fi-supported gadgets to the internet and accomplish all online tasks.

Dining Features

You can find dining features in the kitchens of housing properties in Belfast. Some features include cooking hobs, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, etc. Besides, you may also find dining rooms or dining areas in some properties.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, several more properties can also be found in the housing properties in Belfast. Most accommodations are equipped with storage spaces in rooms. You may find a parking space and bicycle storage space in the complex. Security features like CCTV cameras, security teams, and secure door entries are also available.

A 24-hour on-call staff may be found in a housing property whom you can contact in the case of any need.

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