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Best Delivery Route Planner Apps For eCommerce/Logistics

Delivery Route Planner Apps

Have you ever wondered how to navigate through the vast road network of India? After all, it spans around 6.4 million kilometres as of 2023. With multiple routes available to choose from, finding the best can be challenging for you! And it is especially tough if you’re trying to navigate the logistics of eCommerce delivery or fleet management. This is because both require precision and optimization. However, the key is to select the right route. And so, in this blog, we’ll get into the details of the best delivery route planner apps

That’s true! Delivery route planner apps can help you simplify the whole delivery process. 

What Is A Delivery Route Planner Application?

Most of you might be wondering – how to plan delivery routes with an application. It’s quite simple! But let’s first understand what a delivery route planning app is. 

In simple terms, Delivery route planning applications help businesses choose the most efficient routes for delivering goods. 

It is something that can make the whole delivery process faster and more cost-effective. This is because these apps consider factors like traffic, distance, and delivery time windows.

Imagine you have a list of delivery destinations for the day. Now, you can use the application to organize the route in the smartest way. You’ll be surprised to see that the route chosen by the app ensures minimal travel time. 

Here’s an example to explain how it actually works! 

Types Of Delivery Route Planning Applications

There are, undoubtedly, various types of apps available in the market. To help you understand better, here are some common types of route planning apps. 

  1. Basic Route Planners: These are simple applications that help plan the quickest path for deliveries.
  2. Multi-Stop Route Planners: These are ideal for eCommerce businesses that deal with multiple stops. Moreover, such apps optimize routes for efficiency. You can also consider a Last Mile Delivery Software like TrackoMile for the same. 
  3. Dynamic Route Planners: These apps help adjust routes in real-time based on factors like traffic, ensuring timely deliveries. Logistics companies should always opt for such route planners. 
  4. Cloud-Based Route Planners: These apps are accessible from anywhere so they offer flexibility and real-time updates.
  5. Integration-Focused Route Planners: These apps can seamlessly integrate with other tools like CRM or inventory systems for comprehensive logistics management.

Now, let’s move ahead with some key features to consider while choosing among the best delivery route planner apps

Delivery Route Planner Application For eCommerce or Logistics – Key Features

Here are some key features to look for in delivery route planner apps. 

  • Make sure that the app finds the most efficient delivery paths.
  • It should be able track live traffic and adjust routes accordingly.
  • Make sure it can handle multiple destinations with comprehensive planning. 
  • It should have an easy user interface. 
  • Make sure it can integrate with other tools like CRM for enhanced logistics management. 

Those who are looking forward to route planner apps for eCommerce can also choose a last mile delivery software. It’s great for the final part of delivery. A last mile delivery software like TrackoMile can handle diverse stops and tight schedules seamlessly.

Next, let’s get into the details of the three best delivery route planner apps

5 Best Delivery Route Planner Applications For 2024

Here are the five best delivery route planner apps for ecommerce companies. 

  1. MapQuest


  • The application has a user-friendly interface. 
  • It has the ability to plan routes with multiple stops.
  • It also offers audio guidance for a better user experience. 


  • A lot of users report occasional errors in mapping data.
  •  It has a great dependency on the internet. 

2. Route4Me


  • The application excels in optimizing complex routes. 
  • The app offers live tracking for efficient monitoring. 


  • A lot of features need advanced subscriptions. 
  • It has a complex interface. 

3. Onfleet


  • The application gives the opportunity for real-time tracking and visibility of delivery operations.
  • It also offers automation for tasks like dispatching and notifications.


  • The pricing model is complex. 
  • A lot of features depend solely on a strong internet connection. 

4. Routific


  • The application offers real-time tracking features to monitor the delivery process. 
  • Routific can integrate seamlessly with other business software. 


  • The application may be costly for small businesses. 
  • It has some complex features which may seem challenging to use. 

5. Waze


  • The application uses crowdsourced data for real-time traffic updates. 
  • It’s easy to report accidents or any other type of road hazard.


  • The app may drain the battery quickly. 
  • The user interface is quite tricky to understand. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Route planner apps for eCommerce companies can surely alleviate operational stress. Similarly, our TrackoMile also excels in route optimization and beyond. You just have to input addresses, and the software intelligently maps optimized routes and delivery schedules. 

Therefore, it’s up to you whether you choose a route planner app or explore advanced solutions like TrackoMile for a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Hope this delivery route planning guide helps! 

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