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Where Is the Best Place to Live in West Lafayette Indiana?

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West Lafayette Indiana is one of the cities in the US state of Indiana where people from around the world visit for different reasons. Education is a major reason why many individuals visit this city. Purdue University and some other educational institutes are located in West Lafayette where plenty of international and domestic students get higher education.

When students enroll in West Lafayette, their first need remains a place to stay. For this purpose, they are required to know where the best place is to live in West Lafayette.

Best Place to Live for Students in West Lafayette Indiana

There may be many places where students can live but we would like to suggest a student housing property named Lodge on the Trail. Lodge on the Trail West Lafayette comprises numerous amenities for fun, study, fitness, and many other aspects of the lives of students. The address of this property is “2101 Cumberland Ave., West Lafayette”. You can reach Purdue University within 5 minutes by car or motorcycle and within 10 minutes by public transport from this property.

Lodge on the Trail is an off campus student housing in West Lafayette. Here, students find apartments for their stay. A multiple-bedroom apartment can be shared by multiple students and one bedroom with a private bathroom is assigned to one resident. Every student living in the apartments in this property gets a set of study table and chair. A study room is also offered to students to study in a calm environment with full focus.

Residents also get a Wi-Fi internet connection through which they can connect their laptops, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and smart TVs to the internet. A smart TV is also provided to students to enjoy interesting programs, movies, web series, etc. on OTT platforms and cable TV channels. There is a cable connection also available in this property in West Lafayette. Dining features like a coffee-breakfast bar and microwave are also available here.

You can have fun with games in the games room available in the complex of Lodge on the Trail. Besides, a 24-hour fitness center is also available in the complex of this student housing West Lafayette.

Furthermore, there are some amenities in this property, which we can count under fitness features as well as fun features. One such amenity is the swimming pool where you can have loads of fun while swimming, playing in water, bathing, and sitting on the deck. It is not a secret now that swimming has numerous health benefits so it can be considered a fitness feature also.

A volleyball court and a basketball court are the other features in this property for student accommodation West Lafayette, which can also be marked as both fun and fitness features. It is a well-known fact that sports are a great source of fun for everyone plus they provide fitness.

Lodge on the Trail is a pet-friendly property. It also has 24/7 emergency services for students.
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