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Can You Get Visa On Arrival In Dubai: Requirements, Process

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Are you thinking about visiting Dubai and wondering if you can get a visa when you arrive? Well, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll explain everything about getting a Visa on Arrival in Dubai. This includes who can get it, what you need to bring, and how the whole process works. It’s pretty straightforward, so let’s get into the details.

Let’s first discuss the main question that usually comes to mind if you’re from another country. For example if you’re from the US you will get a visa on arrival. 

Let’s figure out the answer together!

Do US Citizens Need A Visa On Arrival To Enter Dubai? 

You do need a visa to go to Dubai if you are from the US. The good news is that you can get this visa as soon as you get to Dubai. This also works for people with Indian IDs who have a green card from the US. If you get a Visa on Arrival (VOA), you can get your visa when you get to Dubai. But keep in mind that the airport customs worker is the only one who can decide if you get your visa or not. People from the US don’t always get their visas when they get there, so they have to go back home. They lose money on their trip plans and have to leave Dubai right away, which can be a big problem.

What If I Can’t Get The Dubai VOA? 

If you can’t get a Visa on Arrival in Dubai, you’ll need to apply for a regular Dubai Tourist Visa. It’s safer to apply for this visa before you travel to Dubai.

What Do You Need For A Dubai Visa On Arrival? 

You don’t need many things for a Dubai Visa on Arrival. Make sure you have:

  • A passport that’s good for 6 months or more.
  • Your ticket for flying back home.
  • Some money or a credit card to pay the visa fee (if there’s a fee).

How Do You Get A Dubai Visa On Arrival? 

It’s easy to get your visa when you arrive in Dubai. After you get off your plane, go to the Immigration counter. They’ll help you with your visa and do some quick checks, like taking your fingerprints and a photo.

After these checks, they’ll put a stamp in your passport for the UAE visa and update their computer systems. Then you can pick up your luggage and start your trip in Dubai.

More About Dubai Visas:

Let’s look at more details about Dubai visas:

What’s A Dubai Visa On Arrival (VOA)?

 A VOA is a quick visa you get right at the Immigration counter in Dubai. go there after your flight, and they’ll give you a stamp in your passport for your UAE visa. It’s quick and easy, perfect for short trips.

What Are The Different Types Of Visa On Arrival For Dubai? 

Dubai offers four types of Visas on Arrival:


  • 30-day visa
  • 90-day visa
  • 180-day visa
  • 14-day visa (only for Indian passport holders)

30-Day UAE Visa on Arrival:

The 30-day visa is great for quick visits. It lets you stay in Dubai for 30 days, plus 10 more days before you have to leave. If you stay too long, you might have to pay a fine. You can extend this visa for 40 more days if you want to stay longer. Each time you visit Dubai, you can get a new 30-day visa.

90-Day UAE Visa on Arrival:

The 90-day visa is for longer stays. You can enter and leave Dubai many times for up to 6 months. It’s free and ideal for people who need to visit Dubai a lot, like for business.

180-Day VOA:

The 180-day visa lets you come and go to Dubai several times for 6 months. You need a valid Mexican passport and a ticket to go back home for this one.

14-Day Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians:

This is a 14-day visa just for Indian nationals. It’s valid for 14 days and lets you enter Dubai once. You can extend it for another 14 days. You need a valid Indian passport and a ticket back home. This visa costs 120 AED and can be extended for 250 AED.

Now a main question remains:

Will You Get A New Visa On Arrival Each Time You Visit Dubai?

If you have a 30-day visa, yes, you can get a new one each time. For other types of visas, you usually need to be out of the country for six months before getting a new one. The immigration officers decide if you get a visa each time you arrive.


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