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Canada Visit Visa Fee From Dubai: What To Expect

Canada Visit Visa Fee From Dubai

Canada is a popular country for people moving from other countries, right behind the USA. It has gained popularity because of its beautiful nature, and good lifestyle. However, before you move to Canada, you need to think about how much the visa will cost. Keeping this in mind, in this article we’re going to explain the usual visa fees for people who are living in the UAE. 

It helps you budget for these costs so you don’t get unexpected expenses. Let’s get started!

Canadian Visa Application Processing Fee

The largest chunk of Canada’s visa costs from Dubai comprise government processing charges. Fees differ based on which visa stream you apply under.

Temporary resident visas, such as tourist or work permits, have lower fees. The fees start at AED 340. Permanent residency visas are priced at AED 550 for sole applicants.

For family applications, a base processing fee plus a charge per dependent is levied. Visa extensions or condition changes also draw charges. Account for the C$85 biometrics fee per person too.

When you arrive in Canada, you will be processed with a high approval rate. Canada also offers many benefits, even though it may be expensive. This makes it a worthwhile choice for serious applicants.

Next section is very critical and you need to understand it properly. It is related to health. 

Medical Testing and Examinations:

Canadian visa applicants in Dubai must undergo medical tests to check their health and identify any issues.

The standard tests include checking your medical history, doing a physical exam, and taking lab tests to check for HIV or hepatitis. You will also have a chest X-ray to check for TB. A few more tests may be required based on the applicant’s health, age, or nationality.

Medical costs will approximately total AED 1000–1500 per applicant in Dubai. Multiplied by family size, it contributes to visa expenses. Medical fees are the same irrespective of the chosen visa category.

Police Reports For Each Country You’ve Lived In:

Besides Dubai PCC, expect to shell out for certificates from every country you have lived in beyond six months during the past 10 years.

Fees vary depending on the country. While Saudi Arabian or Indian PCCs may cost AED 100–150, those from the UK or Canada cost AED 600+, requiring fingerprints too. Think twice before settling family overseas during a visa application!

Having no past address adds difficulty getting foreign PCCs too. Account for agents’ fees and embassy processing times as well, per country. Now it’s obvious to discuss the charges and requirements. 

Fees for Document Translation and Certification:

Any documents not in English or French must be translated and notarized before Canadian visa submission from Dubai.

Local PRO services cost approximately AED 50 per page for Embassy-approved translations. Notarization fees are more than AED 20 per document certified.

When completing long application forms and communicating with multilingual family members, remember translation costs.

ICCRC Registration for Immigration Agents:

If you need help with Canada’s visa process in Dubai, only ICCRC-licensed consultants can assist you. Their fees start at AED 8,000.

Agents handle applications, offer advice, and manage documents to make visa approvals hassle-free. Despite higher costs, they ensure a smooth process.

Air Tickets and Initial Stay Costs Too:

Also, don’t forget to budget for your flight from Dubai to Canada and any other costs while you’re there.

One-way tickets currently average AED 2000 per person, if planned. Further, have at least AED 10,000 savings per family member to cover initial rental deposits, daily needs, and contingencies. So there you have it! Visa costs for Canada from Dubai can add up due to various fees like government charges, medicals, PCCs, translation, and consulting fees. Applicants can reduce their financial impact by preparing, planning, and living a controlled lifestyle.

Investing in the visa approval letter is worth it because of the future opportunities it brings. Hope now things become easier and simpler for you!

Final Thoughts:

Starting the process of getting a Canada visa from Dubai means figuring out a lot of different costs and rules. Each step has its own fees, such as government handling fees that change depending on the type of visa, medical exams, and police checks from past homes. More money needs to be spent because documents need to be translated and certified, and there are fees for professional immigration consultants. 

But if you plan ahead for these costs, the process will be easier to handle. Getting a Canadian visa is a smart investment and a step toward a bright future. Canada is known for its high standard of living and beautiful scenery. Applicants can go through this process with clarity and confidence if they know and plan for the costs that will be involved. This will make the move to life in Canada easier.

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