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Canada Work Visa From Dubai: All You Need To Know

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Canadians with skills love living there because there are lots of good jobs and chances to move up in their lives. Last year, over 15,000 people from the UAE asked for work visas to go to Canada. They have been drawn to Canada’s good economy and the chance to live there permanently. 

However, getting a work visa for Canada can be tough, especially for people living in Dubai. This article is intended to make it easier for you to get the work visa you want for Canada.

Pick The Work Visa Category:

It’s important to choose the right work permit from many options that match your career. There are different visas for different purposes, like Express Entry for skilled professionals. Healthcare workers can get caregiver visas. Students or recent grads have working holiday options. Another type is intra-company transfers, which are for executives relocating offices.

If you want to apply for a temporary work visa in Canada from Dubai, make sure you meet all the requirements. To see if you qualify, check if your job is eligible and if you meet requirements like education and experience.

Understand Employer LMIA Requirements:

Canadian employers generally need a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) to hire foreign workers. The LMIA shows that there are no qualified Canadians for the role. So, they need to hire an expat from Dubai. It is issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Some pathways, like Express Entry, allow for bypassing employer LMIA mandates. But, you will need a Canadian job offer that is LMIA-certified and supported by employers for other work visas. This shows that you have a job in Canada that is approved for work rights.

Prepare Your Application Documents:

Once you get job offers, gather and arrange the necessary documents for your work visa application in Dubai, Canada.

  • Completed application forms as per instructions
  • Valid UAE passport, Emirates ID copy, digital photo
  • Educational degree certificates and skilled experience letters
  • English/French language test scoresheets, if applicable.
  • Employer offer letters and signed employment contracts
  • Police clearance plus medical checks to confirm admissibility

Compile every document as per the ICRC’s requirements to avoid common mistakes. Double-check extensive processing checklists. Include all details at the first instance itself to prevent delays or rejections. Prepare the paperwork before initiating the online application.

Be Patient During Processing After Submission:

Post-application submission comes the hard part: waiting! The length of time it takes to process a work visa can range from 2 to 9 months. The duration depends on the permit stream you applied for. To find out if your application is approved, check online. Don’t make travel plans until you know.

Visa officers may reject applications if documents are missing or employers fail to convince them. Seek professional guidance to strengthen your application if it is refused once. Although it can be frustrating, it is important to check the portal and wait .

Prepare For Canada’s Arrival: 

Finally, you can celebrate when you get the work visa approved for Canada from Dubai. But it starts a longer journey. Prepare for departure, settle upon arrival, and explore pathways for permanent residency later. Getting your first UAE passport work permit has many advantages. Immigration in Canada helps you balance work and life, save money, and build your future. Furthermore, canada promises skilled foreign nationals tremendous opportunities. It is important to find the right work. Once you have that, you can secure job offers backed by LMIA. Collect all the forms  you need and be ready for possible delays in processing.

Hope now things will become simple and easier to understand!

Final Thoughts:

By applying for a work visa to Canada from Dubai is really a big step towards a better career and life. Over 15,000 people from the UAE took this step last year, drawn by Canada’s strong economy and the chance to live there permanently. It’s important to choose the right type of visa for your skills and job goals. Whether it’s Express Entry for skilled workers or a caregiver visa, getting the right job offer is crucial. Remember, Canadian employers often need an LMIA to hire you. Once you have your job offer and all necessary documents, be patient. The processing can take a few months. 

When you finally get your visa, it’s just the beginning of your journey in Canada. With the right work permit, you can become a permanent resident of Canada and enjoy the great work-life balance and opportunities that come with it. You can make your dream of working in Canada come true if you follow this plan.

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