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cheap student accommodation in Wolverhampton

Once a small market town which used to specialise in the wool trade, Wolverhampton played an indispensable part during the Industrial Revolution. Since then, the city has grown to become a city that is based on engineering and it is basically a hotbed of invention and aptitude. The city has an amazing scene of entertainment and food that spans a wide range of cultures with students throughout the globe. The students can find a wide range of student accommodation. The University of Wolverhampton’s history is traced back to the year 1935. They offer students different kinds of courses throughout 18 schools and also institutes. They also boast around 96% graduate employability and that is why many students are attracted to this place. this university is most renowned for its research community. 

The top-notch localities for student housing in Wolverhampton 

Wolverhampton is one of the centres of different outskirts that offers the students access to wander around the most attractive Staffordshire countryside as well as Shropshire. Following are some of the best locations to look at student accommodation in Wolverhampton

Bilston: Bliston is known as one of the most beautiful market towns of the city and it is a place which is quite near to Walsall and Sandwell. The nearest location to the city is Willenhall, Darlaston as well as Wednesbury. If you want to have an amazing time, then you can easily visit the craft gallery, market, The Robin as well as The Trumpet. Moreover, the Heights is just 31 minutes away from Bilston where you can find different amenities. 

Bushbury: Bushbury is one of the suburban villages located in the West Midlands. The city is just two miles away from the place. this place has different residents and it is one of the most welcoming places for international students and also the newcomers. All the students love to stay in a place like Bushbuy. Here you can find some of the best student accommodation in Wolverhampton.

Chapel Ash: Chapel Ash is one of the small places in this city surrounded by the Wolverhampton Center. The area is recognized as a home of Marstons. The name ‘Chapel Ash’ refers to the Chapel in the beautiful city of Wolverhampton. Ehre you can come across some of the best accommodation and these will be near the university.

Ashmore Park: Ashmore Park is one of the best student apartments and here you can find a large park in the place that is home to different types of sports. You can find a wide range of shops in the area. There is also a community area across this place. 

Some of the top-notch cheap student accommodation over here are: 

  • iQ Fiveways House Wolverhampton: iQ Fiveways House Wolverhamptonis one of the modern accommodations situated on North Road. the University of Wolverhampton is around 5 minutes walk away. In addition, the city centre is around 7 minutes away from the property where you can find some of the best student-friendly cafes, shopping complexes, and restaurants. Here you can find many exciting places for international students starting with David Austin Roses which offers some delightful views of a wide range of roses. You can also go to Wightwick House as well as Garden which is such as trust property. Other than this, you can also visit the tourist places with the help of public transportation. The nearest bus and train station are located around 5-7 minutes of walking distance respectively. 
  • Chambers 51 Wolverhampton: Chambers 51 is conveniently located in the city and it is just 6 minutes walk from the University of Wolverhampton this makes this the best place to stay if you want to cut down on your commute time. It is a few walk to the city center where you can easily catch up with classmates for a quick coffee date. 
  • Heantun Point Wolverhampton: Heantun Point, Wolverhampton, is one of the best students who are stickler for being on time. with around 8 8-minute walks to the University of Wolverhampton, the students can easily roll out of bed and make it on time for the early morning lectures if they are in this private student accommodation in Wolverhampton. An added benefit of residing over here is its proximity to the city centre which means residents can stay right in the centre of all the action. 

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