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Cloning A Hard Drive Take Forever? Know The Cause & Solution

how long does it take to clone a hard drive

In some way, copying a hard drive and transferring it to a different one is necessary. You’d like to save the information to a different drive, clone the OS on another drive, sell your existing hard drive, and so on. But, questions such as how long does it take to clone a hard drive?

What is the reason why cloning a hard drive to an SSD takes so long? What are the causes, and what is an excellent way to solve the issue? This article will focus on the issue and provide probable causes as well as possible fix techniques. The issue can be addressed by following this step-by-step guide.

How to clone a hard drive: step-by-step instructions

Why is Cloning Hard Drive Taking Forever?

Before looking at how long does it take to clone a hard drive, you should consider the reasons why cloning hard drive take a lot of time. There are a variety of reasons why copying data from hard drives to SSD can take a long time. Here are lists of the most common reasons for late cloning.

The size of the data is too huge.

While the cloning process is not lengthy, it will create copies of the entire drive. So, the larger the file, the longer it will take.

The USB connection can be slow to write and read.

The USB cable is one of the major factors that impact the speed at which data is transferred. If the USB port isn’t good enough, the disk will take longer to write and read, directly affecting the cloning speed.

Sectors that are not working on the disk source.

If there are damaged sectors in your hard drive, the cloning process will be affected. It may take more time than it should or fail to complete.

A computer that needs to be configured properly.

An older computer configuration could delay the process, and the cloning process will be slower.

The Target disk is in problems with read/write sectors or bad sectors.

If the target disk isn’t new and has been used for some time, it could suffer from read/write problems or poor sectors, which can delay the cloning process.

Problems with the tool

If the selected cloning tool needs to be improved, the cloning process will be safe and effective and will take an extremely long time.

How Long Does It Take To Clone A Hard Drive: Solution To Fix Late Cloning

If you want to know the answer, how long does it take to clone a hard drive? After knowing why it takes so much time to clone hard drive, let’s dig into the methods to find the right solution to the problems with each step. 

Choose the proper procedure compatible with the cause. If you need more clarification on the solution, select the most straightforward way. Read more to learn.

Solution#1: Sit Back And Wait Patiently

If you’re having trouble cloning HDD to SSD, being a slow process because of the size of your data, it is important to be patient. A lot of people are asking when it will take to copy a hard drive to SSD. It is contingent upon the number of files you want to transfer, as well as the speed of the software used to clone and the device that you use for cloning or hard drive. 

Hence, if the speed of cloning is 100MB/s, it’ll require about 17 minutes to copy a 100GB hard drive. The time can be estimated and then check the results when you have finished having cloned.

Solution#2: Use SATA Adapter Cable Connection

If the slow cloning of your hard drive SSD can be traced to the USB connection, you may fix the issue by using a USB connection to a SATA adapter cable. Computers can have two different types of connections for hard drives. PATA (parallel or ATA) or IDE as well as SATA (serial or ATA). 

In comparison to the PATA, SATA connections are more reliable inside the cabinet. They prevent dust accumulation or disturbance by shocks to the ports.

Solution#3: Check the CPU and Memory Usage

Specific programs might consume enough memory and result in the process of cloning your hard drive, which takes ages. Before cloning your disk, be sure to close every application. Additionally, you may have specific background processes that take over enough memory, and you may be able to test your disk or CPU usage to determine the next steps.

Step 1: Press Ctrl, Shift, and Escape together to launch Task Manager.

Step 2: Process tab looks at the process for the Process to determine what’s causing your hard disk to have high memory or CPU usage.

If your processor and memory are both extraordinarily high and inefficient, running a disk clone on a high-end computer is suggested.

Solution#4: Replace the Target Disk with a Healthy One

If you are experiencing issues on the disk you are trying to use, for instance, slow read or write speed issues, then the best solution is to exchange the disk with a brand new. It is a lucrative investment as it can last for years. It is possible to refer to the below procedures.

Step 1: Get an SSD or a new hard drive.

Step 2: Connect the desired drive to your computer using SATA and ensure it is acknowledged by your computer.

Step 3: Use a safe and reliable cloning program to create a clone of your hard disk to a new, healthy disc.

In Summary

To answer the commonly asked question, “How long does it take to clone a hard drive?”The time it takes depends on factors like data size, USB connection quality, damaged sectors, computer configuration, and target disk condition. Understanding the reasons behind slow cloning is crucial for implementing effective solutions. Using high-speed cloning software and monitoring progress can help manage expectations. 

Improving the connection between the hard drive and the computer, such as using a SATA adapter cable, can enhance cloning speed. Monitoring CPU and memory usage, closing unnecessary applications, and addressing background processes can improve efficiency. If the target disk is the bottleneck, replacing it with a new, healthy disk is recommended.

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