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Creative Zone Business Setup: Important Steps To Understand

Creative Zone Business Setup

Dubai’s Creative Zone, known as d3, is a special place for companies that work in media, design, luxury goods, building, technology, and other creative fields. By getting trade permits and putting up offices in the Creative Zone, these businesses can get a lot of benefits. This article will guide you through the most important steps for starting a business here, such as getting the right licenses, going through the application process, finding a place to work, learning about costs, and taking advantage of government benefits.

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Crucial Steps To Understand For Business Setup in Creative Zone:

Below we’ve arranged the things in a detailed manner. Let’s get started!

Business License Types:

In the Creative Zone, there are two main types of business licenses. The first type is for service companies like IT, design, or media. This is called a commercial license. The second type is for companies that make things like furniture, jewelry, or clothes. This is known as an industrial license. If you have an industrial license, you need more starting money. Both types of licenses let you do over 900 different kinds of business activities. Also, in this area, you can fully own your business even if you’re from another country, and you can switch between these two license types easily.

Registration Process:

To grow business in Dubai the Creative Zone, you first fill out an online form on their website. This form asks about what your business will do, who owns it, what kind of office you need, and if you need visas. Advisors from the Creative Zone will help you pick the right kind of license. To get approval, you need to give them copies of the owners’ passports, a document called the Memorandum of Association, and suggest how much money you’ll start with. The whole process is made easy for creative businesses and usually takes about 7 to 10 days.

Office Space Options:

In the Creative Zone, you can rent offices, warehouses, and shops that are already built. These places can be as small as 50 square feet or as big as 10,000 square feet. They’re good for teams with just 1 person or more than 100 people. After you get your license, you can start working in these spaces right away without waiting for long setup times. You can choose from different options, like renting a desk that you share with others, a flex desk for when you only need it sometimes, or an office just for you and your team. The warehouses are great for making things, storing products, and sending them out.

Costs Involved:

The cost of a business license in the Creative Zone starts at AED 7,000. Renting an office or warehouse costs about AED 110 to 220 for each square foot every year. This price can change based on how much you customize the space, the facilities you use, and how long your contract is. A basic visa for an employee costs around AED 1300. Other government services, like signing up your business, getting help with paperwork, and renewing licenses, don’t cost much. Overall, setting up and running a business in the Creative Zone is pretty affordable for creative projects.

Government Support and Incentives:

The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, which looks after the Creative Zone, offers special deals, quick approvals, and easy ways to do things to bring in creative businesses. Some big advantages are being able to own all of your business, getting visas more easily, and being allowed to do a wide range of business activities. The Creative Zone is in a good spot for getting around easily. It has a lot of great things, like conference centers, a place where you can get different services, areas for sports, and its own metro line. All of this makes running your business every day more convenient.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, d3’s creative Zone in Dubai is a great place for artistic companies to start a business. With a simplified application process, a choice of commercial or industrial licenses, and different office space options, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.


It is a great place to be because permits, office rents, and government services are all very cheap, and the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority offers a lot of help and benefits. The Creative Zone is in an excellent location and has a lot of facilities, which makes it even more appealing. It gives creative businesses the tools and help they need to grow.

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