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Cultural Awareness In UAE: Culture Training Equality In UAE

Cultural Awareness In UAE

Understanding various cultures in the UAE demands being able to think out of the box. It requires knowing about and valuing a foreign country’s culture.What is common and acceptable in one location may appear uncommon or unacceptable in another. Because misunderstandings might occur as a result of conflicting expectations, knowing the UAE’s culture is crucial especially when working with people from other cultures, especially in business. So without wasting further time let’s understand the cultural awareness in UAE in detail!

Let’s get started!

Concept of Cultural Awareness In UAE:

It may be difficult to understand all components of culture. We grow up influenced by culture, and it’s not something we intentionally consider. Our experiences, values, and histories all have an impact on our views. It is important to continue learning about other cultures in a city with as many cultures as Dubai.This helps us see that everyone is not the same, and different situations may need different ways of handling them. We value and encourage cultural understanding. 

Main Thing is:

Our adventures and activities are intended to take you on a guided tour of the interesting culture and customs of the United Arab Emirates. It really doesn’t matter if you are attached to a company or a visitor. Our mission is to share the charm of Emirates UAE Culture with you.

Cultural Awareness For Companies:

There are many factors to think about when a company decides to start business in another nation or deal with variances, especially in Dubai. One crucial factor is the number of workers from other nations (expats) hired by the company each year. It matters where these individuals are from, how well they fit in with your team or the company, how well they fit in with the community outside of work, and if they follow the appropriate procedures and treat others with respect.

It’s not simple to connect with important locals and prepare your team for success. When performing international business, people frequently overlook the need of learning and respecting different cultures. However, implementing enough education to be aware of and respect various backgrounds may help prevent a lot of social, cultural, and work-related mistakes. 

Now let’s discuss the viewpoint of tourists!

Cultural Awareness For Tourists:

The UAE is an excellent location with really kind and polite people. They have always been dedicated to religious traditions. If you visit the UAE, you will come across a history and culture that differs from that of Western countries. It is essential to treat the people of the UAE with respect and politeness. As an example, we expect visitors to our nation to respect our customs and traditions. You may enjoy a beautiful and wonderful stay if you follow their laws and principles. It is also important to give passengers with information so that they understand the rules and regulations and have the confidence to avoid issues.

Okay, we discussed the important rules and regulations of cultural awareness in the case of tourists. But is there any training to make things more clear? Yeah, let’s go!

Training Regarding Cultural Awareness In UAE:

In the UAE, it is important to establish programs that help people understand various cultural backgrounds. There are around 200 people from different countries in the UAE! If other challenges occur it could as a result of social media and changing perspectives. The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) is open all year, even during the summer months. They hold classes where people may exchange and learn about different cultures.

The Ministry of Education is one of the center’s prominent clients. Every year, a huge number of foreign teachers arrive in the United Arab Emirates to begin the new school year. Rashed Al Tamimi, the director of public relations of SMCCU, is in charge. He uses speakers to assist everyone who speaks at the center conferences in learning what is culturally appropriate.


What So Exciting About Emirate Culture?

In the UAE, people attach a high priority on politeness and friendliness. The locals, known as Emiratis, are renowned for their hospitality. When they welcome their friends, they praise God and frequently exchange hugs and kisses. It should be noted that these lengthy welcomes with kissing and hugging are normally reserved for guys.

What Are The Cultural Beliefs of UAE? 

People in the UAE come from 200 different countries and declare many religions, the most common of which is Islam. According to the research there are almost five main basics of Islam which include  faith in Allah, doing prayer, doing fasting, giving charity to other people and traveling. Muslims pray five times a day: in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon, sunset, and at night.


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