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Custom Woven Labels | A Great Way To Enhance Your Products

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Custom Woven Labels

People say that one must not judge a book by its cover, yet they continue to do so anyway! Pfft… The audacity!

It is true, then, that people are naturally inclined towards what looks the best. So, when it comes down to product packaging, it must not be wrong to suggest that a perfectly designed label can make or break any product. Correct!

From a tub of beard balm to a jar of spices, any product can stand out on social media or even on a plain shelf. Even more so, for a lot of shoppers, it might be the determining factor while making a purchase. Eep! Now, that is a lot of pressure to put on a product label, isn’t it? Yes sir!

Well, we have a good news! If you have tailored a catchy logo and striking visual branding for your small business, you already have done most of the work. All you have to do is tailor an aesthetically pleasing packaging label.

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So, here is how you can round out your branding efforts with a beautifully designed product label:

Fashion Trims: Explore The Art Of Labels For Packaging

Step No. 1 – Conduct Proper Research

First and foremost, what you will be required to do to tailor eye-catching product labels is to start researching your competitors and target audience. To do so, you can share an online survey with your email audience or host a focus group with all the representatives from your target market. In this way, you will be able to discover what kind of product label information you must put on your add-ons.

Moreover, do not shy away from exploring the design trends that your competitors have depended on, and plan how you can stand out while still sticking to your brand identity. If you have no clue as to where to find catchy label designs, why don’t you survey the portfolios of any online service providers of custom woven labels Kuwait? We think it is a great idea!

Step No. 2 – Define Your Budget

There, there, now! We know how easy it is to get carried away when you are surrounded by high-end materials and flashy design elements. However, the cost of a big-budget label eventually gets passed on to the client, impacting their purchasing decisions.

Based on your budget, it is your call to hire a lavish professional designer or use a free tool such as Canva to design your label all by yourself. Determine what materials will suit your product’s packaging the best without shooting up the total $$$ for clients. Got it?

Step No. 3 – Gather All The Essential Product Information

Apart from the product description, company logo, and product name, there are a lot of other bits of information that you will need to make room for on your labels. So, assemble the ingredient list of your product, bar code, and special certifications, along with other vital information, before incorporating brand messaging.

Step No. 4 – Plan The Layout

Now that you have all the information you need to convey with your add-on and what materials you are willing to use, bravo! Next up, you need to start brainstorming a design for your label. If you are unable to come up with a design, you can seek help from any online service provider of custom woven labels Oman. Easy-peasy!

However, if you are willing to plan it on your own, then feel free to sketch your ideas. You can sketch them on a napkin or tailor them beautifully using software. Whatever you plan to do, always keep the “bleed area” and the “margins in your considerations. By doing so, you can never go wrong with your label layout.

Step No. 5 – Consider Information Hierarchy

After planning the layout, you need to think about your information hierarchy. A perfect label is not only eye-pleasing, but it also broadcasts key product information. Therefore, the name of your product or your company logo must stand out perfectly.

For that, you will need to have sufficient space for product or ingredient information, the price, a bar code, or anything else. Most of the time, a six-point font is the tiniest size that sets the seal on readability. At the same time, a ten-point font is generally ideal for more significant information. Do you understand?

Step No. 6 – Balance All The Decorative Elements

You can efficiently plan an eye-striking label by keeping a few graphic design ideas in your consideration. Incorporating at least one decorative element will make your design more attractive. Just make sure to allow room for enough white space to balance your design.

While you are at it, what is stopping you from pairing two complementary fonts to distinguish information and give your design a more aesthetic interest? Nothing, dum-dum! So, go ahead and play a bit with the decorative elements to know what looks the best.

In the meantime, you surely do not want a label that is too hard to read or over-decorated. The best way to steer clear of such design is to stay within two to three colours and keep a wide berth to complicated patterns.

Once you are done, we recommend you step away from your label design and judge how it looks from a third point of view. Is your design easier to read? Does it leap out at the casual passerby? If it does not, then think about what elements you can add or delete from it. By doing so, you will be surprised at how much the end results can be improved.

Step No. 7 – Proofread Your Work

Consider getting help from a detail-oriented or any reputable supplier from trust-worthy online stores of custom woven labels Qatar to double-check all of the text that you wrote on your label. Ask them to make sure none of the text is spelt incorrectly. Do whatever you can to make it make sense and look legible. Having a second pair of eyes on the final decision can help a lot in spotting any confusing phrasing or misleading punctuation that you might have ignored. After that, give it a read yourself by maintaining a hawk’s gaze to rule out any chances of mistakes or errors. And that is it!

Step No. 8 – Print Your Labels

Lastly, the number of labels you are going to need will determine the most pocket-friendly way to print them. Say for instance, if you need small batches, then there is no harm in printing them on a home printer. However, for larger orders, contact any copper-bottomed printing service, and you are all good to go.

Summing It All Up for Custom Woven Labels!

When it narrows down to product packaging, an excellent label design is as significant as the product itself. Because at the end of the day, your labels are not only required to be by the regulatory guidelines, but they also need to be able to catch the eyes of clients. Have you got it? Furthermore, your trims and packaging labels must deliver the required information to the customers to help them make an informed decision.

So, in the long run, the steps mentioned above will help you a lot in designing custom labels that will enhance the visibility of your product. Moreover, it will also make your product much easier to use. Cowabunga! Here is an outline of the steps that you need to follow if you, too, want to design custom trims and packaging that enhance your products:

  • Step No. 1 – Conduct proper research
  • Step No. 2 – Define your budget
  • Step No. 3 – Gather all the essential product information
  • Step No. 4 – Plan the layout
  • Step No. 5 – Consider information hierarchy
  • Step No. 6 – Balance all the decorative elements
  • Step No. 7 – Proofread your work
  • Step No. 8 – Print your labels

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