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Czech Republic Influencer Drops 1 Million Dollars

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Czech Influencer Drops 1 Million Dollars From Helicopter
About the Czech Republic YouTuber’s publicity stunt:
A YouTube star in the Czech Republic caused controversy this week with a publicity stunt where he dropped over $1 million from a helicopter onto a crowd below.
The YouTuber, who goes by the name Floyd Manson online, floated over a field near the capital city of Prague in a helicopter. Once over the field, Floyd Manson began dropping bundles of cash totaling 30 million Czech koruna, which equals about $1.2 million US dollars.
Video FloydManson posted shows crowds of people below frantically running and grabbing at the money as it fell from the sky. The stunt was meant to promote Floyd Manson’s YouTube channel. He told his followers that if the video got 1 million views, he would do it again.
Many people on social media criticized Floyd Manson, saying the stunt was irresponsible and dangerous. Large crowds rushed to the field when word spread about the money drop. Experts say this created unsafe conditions where people could have been trampled or hurt in the chaos.
Police have also spoken out against the stunt. They say Floyd Manson did not get proper permission first before dropping the money from the helicopter. The police department says they will investigate if any laws were broken.
Beyond safety issues, others say the money drop sent the wrong message and promoted greed. The video shows people pushing and shoving each other to grab as much cash as possible once it fell. Critics think Floyd Manson’s stunt took advantage of people’s financial struggles just to get more attention online.
However, some defend the YouTube star. They think the stunt was just meant to be entertainment for Floyd Manson’s young fanbase. Supporters also point out that the people who collected the money were very happy, and that some may have really needed it.
Floyd Manson has done other outrageous stunts to get clicks and views on YouTube. Earlier this year, he flooded a city plaza by turning on all the fire hydrants in the neighborhood. But unlike previous stunts, this one using the helicopter to drop cash crossed a line for many.
Going forward, local officials say they will keep a close eye on Floyd Manson to ensure he does not attempt similar events again. They want to remind online influencers that they still need to follow public safety rules, even when trying to gain more internet fame.


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