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Do I Need A Visa For Dubai From Uk: What You Need To Know

Canada Tourist Visa From Dubai

If you’re from the UK and want to go to Dubai, good news – you don’t need a special Dubai Tourist Visa! In this article, I’ll tell you all about how to get a Visa for Dubai if you’re coming from the UK. This includes different ways to apply, what papers you need, how long it takes, and how much it costs.

A visa for the UAE lets you visit places like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi, and more. So, let’s dive in and start with the main question!

How To Apply For Your Dubai Visa From Uk?

Every person prefers a simple way to do his/her work. So the question is “How To Apply Your Dubai Visa From the UK?” Our simple guide will tell you everything in a detailed manner. 

Let’s get started!

Understanding Dubai Tourist Visa for UK Citizens:

Let’s delve into the Dubai tourist visa details for British Citizens:

Do British Residents Need A Visa For Dubai From The UK? 

No, British citizens don’t need a pre-arranged visa to travel to Dubai. You can get a 30-day visit visa at the airport from immigration when you arrive.

If you plan to stay more than 30 days, or have already spent 30 days in Dubai within the last 180 days, you will need a tourist visa. There are different ways to get this, which we’ll discuss later.

Different Types of Dubai Visas:


There are various Dubai visas available for UK citizens, each suited for different visit durations or purposes. Here are some common ones:


  • A 48-Hour Dubai Visa is ideal if you have a short stopover in Dubai.
  • For a longer layover, a 96-Hour Dubai Visa works well.
  • If you’re planning a brief trip, a 14-Day Single Entry Visa suits short stays.
  • For visits up to a month, there are Short-Term Single and Many Entry Visas, allowing one-time or many visits within 30 days.
  • For longer visits, Long-Term Single and Many Entry Visas let you stay up to 90 days, either for a single visit or many trips.

Single Entry vs Many Entry Visas:

The main difference is that a single-entry visa lets you enter and exit Dubai only once, while a multiple-entry visa allows several entries and exits. Check the eligibility requirements for each type before applying.

Cost of a Dubai Visa for British Citizens:

The visa cost varies depending on the type you choose. For instance, a 30-day single-entry visa might cost around AED 300, while a 90-day visa could be about AED 500. Prices change, so it’s best to check the current fees for a clear breakdown. 

Processing Time For Dubai Tourist Visa:

You might be wondering about the processing time. It typically takes 3-5 working days. I hope you understand the point clearly. 

Validity of Dubai Tourist Visa:

Depending on your travel plans, tourist visas to the UAE are valid for 30 or 90 days, with options for single or multiple entries. There’s even a five-year visa allowing multiple visits on self-sponsorship, each lasting up to 90 days, extendable for another 90 days. For British citizens, the visa on arrival, valid for 30 days, can be renewed twice for a total stay of up to 90 days.

Refund For Unapproved Visas: 

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for rejected visa applications, neither from the UAE government nor from airlines or agencies.

Dubai Visa Requirements For UK Citizens 

Though a pre-arranged visa isn’t necessary, UK citizens must meet certain entry requirements for a visa on arrival. This includes having a valid passport with over 6 months remaining and a confirmed round-trip flight ticket. Visas are available upon arrival at UAE airports.

Documents Needed for a Dubai Tourist Visa:

When preparing to apply, gather the following:

  • Clear passport copies of both the sponsor and the person being sponsored.
  • Travel insurance documentation.
  • Copies of confirmed flight bookings.
  • Bank approval letters.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay.
  • Passport-sized color photographs.
  • Evidence of visa fee payment.
  • A completed Visa Application form.

You might need extra documents based on where you apply.”


To wrap up, UK citizens heading to Dubai have a smooth process ahead. You don’t need a visa in advance – just get a 30-day visa when you land in Dubai. If you’re planning to stay longer or visit again soon, there are different visa types to choose from, each with its own cost and duration. Remember, the visa process is pretty quick, taking about 3-5 working days.

Always check for the latest visa fees and requirements. Gather all your documents, like passport copies and travel insurance, to make your application process easy. With this guide, you’re all set for a hassle-free trip to Dubai from the UK!

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