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Does Spain give PR to international students?

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Most of the international students like to stay back in Spain after completion of their master’s course to find the right kind of job for them. The students who want to work and live in the country for a long time can explore the city well. Once you have scored high on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Better Life Index, Spain is known to offer students the right kind of work-life balance. In addition to it, Spain is also known to have the strongest labor laws which protect the employees. 

As the economy of the country is flourishing, most of the international students want to extend their stay in Spain. nowadays. In this article, you can read about the different types of post-study work visas after a master’s and the way to apply for them. However, if you have moved to any city in Spain like Madrid or so, then you know the importance of having suitable student accommodation Madrid. This is important if you want to have the best experience in the city. 

Spain Post Study Work Visa

Non-EU/EEA citizens look forward to obtaining a work visa so that they can live and work in the city easily. Without having a work visa, any company cannot employ legally. Spain is one of those countries where a student can find it difficult to get a work permit after completing their graduation. There is no visa which is specifically designated for foreign graduates. Before you get a work permit, you have to get a job.

Then your employer needs to authorize your hiring by proving that the job has been posted but they could not find anyone from Spain or the EU who is suitable for this job. Once you get the work and residence permit with the help of your employer, then you can get the work visa. In Spain, a permit and a visa are different than each other. There are different kinds of Work Visas for Spain for a wide range of jobs and different lengths of employment. 

Immigration Regulations 

In the year 2022, foreign nationals were assisted in Spain to work without any problem. The country has roped into new immigration regulation measures. This helped minimize the work permit needed for those living in Spain and the same came into effect on 27th July. Due to this, you can get a work visa which will be easy for foreign citizens. These new measures can be introduced to deal with the right shortage of the labor market in the country.

The Corporate Immigration Partners have stated that this reform can be fruitful for those who don’t possess any kind of formal papers to reside in this city. The good news is that foreign students from non-European Union countries can be permitted to take up work for a maximum of 30 hours every week while studying across Spain. these students will also be able to initiate working as soon as they complete their studies. As of now those who have a student residence card are allowed to work for around a maximum of 20 hours every week while studying. 

Pr in spain

Permanent Residence 

Permanent residency is known for getting a Spain post-study work visa. You can easily apply for permanent residency in Spain after you can legally live in the country for around five continuous years or more. when you fulfill this particular condition, you must apply for permanent residency. You can also gain the right to stay and work in the country. 


Once you are a resident of Spain for a specific period, you have the right to apply for Spanish citizenship. The general need is a legal and continuous residency for 10 years. Being a Spanish citizen, you can easily gain EU perks such as freedom of movement as well as the right to vote. You can have the right to work and live in a country. In addition to it, you can get some minor advantages like EU citizen rates for the museums and other institutions. 

Ways to move from a student visa to a work permit

  • Upon finishing their master’s program, the students can easily apply for a work permit which can allow you to take up a full-time employment contract at a salary suiting your needs. Below are the best ways in which they can go from a student visa to a work permit in Spain. 
  • It is possible to stay back in the city after a master’s only if the student has stayed in the country for a year or two. You can get a job as a manager or a highly qualified technical position with a salary which is more than €40,000 per year. 
  • After a year of living in this city, it is best to alter your student visa into a job search visa that allows international students so you can stay back in the country as well as search for a job. 
  • Once you stay in Spain for three years, it is best to convert the student visa to a regular work permit for both employed as well as self-employed people. Those who are self-employed can convert the student visa into a work permit on presentation of the business plans. 

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