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Dubai Fine Discount: How To Get 50% Discount Easily

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Dubai is a place where having a car or vehicle is almost a necessity. This means getting traffic fines can happen easily by accident due to breaking certain rules. To make life easier for people with cars and bikes in Dubai who have traffic fines, the government announced a ‘forgiveness’ plan this year. It gives a 50% discount on fines given before September 2022 in all seven Emirates. So drivers have until December 31st, 2023 to pay only half price on their traffic fines.

Let’s discuss it together!

Types of Fines Eligible For Discount in Dubai:

The 50% discount is available on most regular traffic violations in Dubai, like:

  • Speeding
  • Illegal parking
  • Driving without proper registration
  • Number plate rules broken
  • Modified vehicles that breach rules
  • Overloaded transport vehicles
  • Faulty headlights or taillights
  • Uninsured vehicles
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Registration certificate expired
  • Jumping traffic signals
  • Wrong overtaking
  • Not wearing seatbelts

It does not apply to very serious offenses. Depending on the offense, fines are from AED 100 up to a few thousand dirhams.

If fines happened before September 2022, you can get the discount on:

  • Car impounding fees
  • Fees for abandoned cars
  • Car confiscation fees

Fines for things like off-roading, street racing, vehicle stunts, engine idling can also get the 50% off discount if they did not directly risk safety.

Okay, but what about the payment methods? Let us explain to you! 

Payment Options to Clear Fines:

Dubai Police has various payment options for drivers to pay discounted fines anywhere in the UAE before December 31st.

  • Drivers in Dubai can access the Dubai Police Website or App using a UAE pass or registered login. They can view fines, registration details, and make secure online payments with debit or credit cards. You can also use e-dirham cards.
  • You can pay fines in cash or with cards at certain service centers. These centers include Al Manara, Al Kifaf, and Al Barsha. You must collect transaction receipts.
  • You can use credit cards at ATP kiosks in Dubai. These smart kiosks read Emirates IDs and find registered vehicle fines. You can pay for these fines using your card. Fines get linked to IDs .
  • The Dubai Now App lets drivers connect with Dubai Police. They can register vehicles and IDs, and pay fines through the app.

Crucial Benefits of Paying Discounted Fines:

Major Fine Cost Savings Drivers stand to save hundreds of dirhams with a 50% discount compared to paying full fines later. For cars and bikes, the discount may translate to a few hundred dirhams, but for commercial vehicle owners, the savings opportunity is over several thousand dirhams.

Drivers can feel at ease by resolving outstanding fines and avoiding future consequences.

Clear Traffic Code Records to Support Transactions: By clearing fines now, drivers keep their traffic records positive to process license issuances, renewals, transfers, and registration formalities that must be Traffic Code Certificates.

Risk of Missing the Discount Timeline:

If drivers don’t pay their fines before December 31st, they will face adverse consequences such as:

  • Inability to renew vehicle registration due to the linking of traffic fines
  • Gathered fines could double or triple, with further penalties for continued offenses.
  • Traffic court cases, legal prosecution orders in extreme non-payment cases
  • Emirates ID blocks or driving license blocks hamper everyday transactions.
  • Vehicle confiscation or impounding by the police until a full fine payment resolution
  • Fines could be outsourced to debt collection agencies, bringing further legal and financial troubles.
  • Travel bans due to unchecked traffic fines, , in other emirates.

Who Can Avail the Dubai Traffic Fine Discount?

The discount offer is broad-based and aimed at easing the financial dilemmas of all kinds of drivers and vehicle owners facing traffic fines in Dubai, including:

  • If you are a resident or citizen who owns a vehicle, you can cut your traffic fines in half.
  • Expat Drivers: Expats who have accrued fines during their Dubai stay also stand to benefit.
  • Commercial/Goods Vehicle Owners: Transporters, movers, and goods carriers who get many fines can pocket relief.
  • Corporate-Owned Vehicles: Rented cars given to employees as well as fleet vehicles owned by companies get coverage.
  • New Dubai Residents: Newcomers have time until December 2023 to resolve their past UAE traffic penalties at concession.
  • Other Emirates Vehicles: Fines racked up across any emirates by Dubai vehicles before September also qualify.


Vehicle owners and drivers in Dubai face heavy traffic and strict police enforcement. The 50% traffic fine discount plan will be welcomed by them. By resolving fines in the UAE, it reduces financial stress for thousands before 2023. Hope this information will be beneficial. 

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