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Dubai Future Foundation launches strategic AI Alliance

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Dubai Future Foundation

On October 11, 2023, in Dubai, a news article was published by the WAM news agency. The Dubai Future Foundation has initiated the establishment of the Dubai Generative AI Alliance, which comprises many international technology businesses.

The primary objective of Dubai Future Foundation alliance is to expedite the integration of emerging technologies and facilitate the development of a highly advanced and efficient government that is enabled by technology. This aligns with Dubai’s endeavors to establish itself as a prominent center for developing technology on a worldwide scale.

Dubai Future Foundation on AI Future

Khalfan Belhoul, the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), made the announcement of the alliance during the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI. This event was organized by the Dubai Future Foundation under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation. The assembly took place on October 11–12 at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071, located in Emirates Towers.

The partnership will consist of prominent technological corporations that will leverage their global networks and specialized knowledge to address governmental difficulties. Belhoul issued an appeal to firms and innovators to participate in the Dubai Future Foundation alliance, with a specific emphasis on the development of pioneering technological pilots through the utilization of artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and Web 3.

Dubai future foundation launches strategic ai alliance

During his keynote address on the first day of the assembly, the speaker discussed the significance of governmental readiness in the context of regulating generative artificial intelligence.

It is imperative that we make enough preparations. It is imperative to comprehend the mechanisms by which the regulation of artificial intelligence, a vast and complex domain, may be effectively achieved. The individual expressed the urgency of commencing promptly.

Belhoul advocated for the necessity of global unity in addressing significant issues, emphasizing the importance of Dubai Future Foundation collaborative efforts. The establishment of collaborative Dubai Future Foundation alliances is important in order to formulate and implement rules that are highly efficient and possess robustness in their functionality.

Belhoul expounded on Dubai’s endeavors to establish itself as a prominent figure in the integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI), as seen by its choice to host this Assembly, a significant congregation of industry professionals and influential individuals in this domain on a global scale.

The individual expressed the viewpoint that there is a need to establish a connection or link between policies and the progress or development of technology. In order to effectively address the challenges at hand, it is imperative to have administrations that are adaptable and capable of making prompt decisions. This is the current state of affairs in the United Arab Emirates, which is considered advantageous.

During his discourse, Belhoul asserted that the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) remains largely untapped by humanity. He encouraged the audience to contemplate the extensive possibilities that could arise from the convergence of generative AI, robotics, and quantum computing.

The convergence of the world’s most advanced computers with robots and artificial intelligence has resulted in unprecedented computational capabilities. What will be the outcome when these three elements are combined? The three components will be connected, and it is likely that we possess the largest powerhouse globally, necessitating effective management.

The speaker introduced the Museum of the Future’s robotic canine companion during the presentation, exemplifying the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in developing emotionally responsive robots. These advanced machines possess the ability to establish meaningful connections with humans and engage in sophisticated conversations.

Belhoul asserted that sophisticated technologies possess considerable promise. Specifically, he stated that artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to rival the performance of the upper quartile of individuals across diverse tasks by 2040, a significant acceleration of 40 years compared to earlier estimations.

It has been postulated that by the year 2050, it may be possible for human consciousness to be transferred into computational neural networks, thereby potentially enabling indefinite longevity. It is projected that by the year 2050, robots will be capable of offering emotional assistance to individuals. According to recent projections, the integration of generative AI is anticipated to contribute an estimated USD 4.4 trillion to the global economy on an annual basis.

He made the statement, “Currently, we engage in discussions regarding this topic as a work of imaginative literature.” However, we are in close proximity to achieving this, and there is a strong possibility that it can materialize in the near future. According to the speaker, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) attributes its success to its diverse population, where expatriates make up almost 90% of the total populace. The speaker conveyed that these attributes are what contribute to the collaborative and inclusive nature of this nation.

The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI convenes a diverse group of participants, including government officials, technology leaders, specialists in AI and new technologies, decision-makers, and members of academia. The event boasts a substantial attendance of over 1,800 individuals, with more than 70 distinguished keynote speakers contributing to over 45 main and private sessions. Additionally, the assembly features 12 exhibitors, providing a platform for showcasing innovative ideas and advancements in the field.

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