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Dubai Municipality’s first accredited vocational academy

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Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality has announced the opening of the first accredited vocational school in the UAE. The academy’s goal is to teach the best practices used in municipal work.

The National Qualifications Center at the Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai have both approved the school. It is designed for people who have graduated from college or work for the municipality. The academy will work with educational centers and institutions in both the United States and other countries to give specialized professional certificates that are recognized all over the world.

The academy will also offer career guidance programs for college students who are almost done with their studies, work together on research and studies with other universities and research centers, run training programs for local, regional, and global city workers, and hold specialized forums in the field.Dubai municipality's first accredited vocational academyDirector General of Dubai Municipality Dawoud Al Hajri said that the opening of the vocational academy shows the municipality’s dedication to finding new employees and college graduates with the right skills and giving participants credentials in a range of specialties and fields within the municipality. He talked about how eager the municipality was to promote a culture of long-lasting innovation and help in the development of cutting-edge solutions that would help it reach its lofty goals. He said that this makes Dubai even more competitive and strengthens its standing as one of the best places to live and work in the world.

Al Hajri said, “Dubai Municipality has made great strides in preparing and training a skilled workforce to help with a wide range of municipal tasks.” The newly opened vocational school will help the municipality’s efforts even more by attracting top talent, helping them improve their skills, raising employee performance, and teaching them how to adapt to fast changes in the best way for the future. Our goal is to make sure that everyone in Dubai has the best quality of life possible.

The academy’s programs will cover a wide range of specializations and important tasks that the Dubai Municipality oversees, such as issuing licenses and keeping an eye on construction projects, digital transformation and geographic information systems, data analysis, strategy and innovation, health and safety management, environmental sustainability, preserving urban heritage and antiquities, and sanitation, farming, and irrigation equipment.

Dubai Municipality Areas of Training

There will be professional certificate programs in a lot of different areas, such as mechatronics in sanitation, irrigation technologies, workplace safety and health management, and repairing and maintaining manuscripts.

This is because Dubai Municipality gives participants the choice between taking their chosen courses in person or online. The vocational school has a lot of different programs. People who want to can take classes at a variety of schools, colleges, and universities, as well as at the main center of the vocational academy, Dubai Municipality buildings, or the sites of the academy’s partners, suppliers, and contractors. They can also choose to take part virtually through the Learning Experiences Platform (LXP).

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