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Dubai Taxi Corporation starts using AI to monitor vehicles

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Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai Taxi Corporation is using artificial intelligence (AI) to keep an eye on the performance of its 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles. They are using this technology at their control center to watch over taxis, limousines, school buses, public buses, and motorcycles.

The control center is like a hub that helps the company provide transportation services where they are needed most, especially during special events. It helps the bosses make quick and smart decisions. It also helps plan when there are big events in Dubai by sending taxis to busy areas and redirecting empty vehicles to places where they are needed.

They are also keeping an eye on how drivers behave and the routes the vehicles take. This includes 1,000 school buses, 600 delivery motorcycles, and 400 limousines. They are really focused on making sure school buses are safe and on time, so kids get to school and home safely.

Apart from keeping an eye on 5,200 taxis, the center helps drivers and makes sure the vehicles are used efficiently every day.

In August, they introduced a new high-tech bus with cool features like cameras to make sure no child is left on the bus, and to watch over the kids while they’re on their way to school. They also use a special system to know which kids are on the bus. The buses have GPS to track where they are, and a safety system to stop fires. If there’s an emergency, they can quickly call for help.

In Abu Dhabi, they also have special cameras on school buses to catch drivers who don’t stop when the bus’s stop sign is out. Those drivers get fined and get points on their driving record.


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