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Dubai Traffic Fines Discount 2023 Last Date: Ultimate Guide

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The Dubai government has announced a 50 percent discount on all traffic fines to provide relief to residents and drivers in Dubai. This discount scheme on fines is valid until December 31, 2023. Drivers in Dubai have a chance to pay half the normal cost of their pending traffic fines. They only have about a month left to take advantage of this opportunity.

Let me show you how!

Criteria for Getting a Discount on Dubai Traffic Fines:

You can get a discount on Dubai traffic fines if you meet the requirements. The requirements are broad and inclusive. All traffic fines registered in a driver’s name across all seven emirates before September 22, 2022, will qualify for the 50% discount. Both individuals and companies can benefit from this thing. The discount also applies to bikes, cars, buses, and trucks registered in Dubai. But this discount scheme does not apply to serious offenses such as reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, and running red lights.

Now, let’s move our eyes on its types!

Types of Traffic Fines and Fees:

All kinds of Dubai traffic fines are eligible for the 50% reduction, except for serious driving offenses, which are excluded from the discount incentive. Common examples of fines include speeding, wrong parking, registration lapses, and lacking vehicle insurance. Other examples are overloaded vehicles, street racing, and not wearing seat belts. The discount also applies to vehicle confiscation charges, impound fees, and abandoned vehicle fees for Dubai-registered vehicles. These fees can add up over months and years.

Simple Ways to Pay Fines Before the Deadline:

Dubai Police offers drivers various payment options to get discounts and clear fine certificates. You can pay in different ways: online, in person at Dubai Police Centers, or at ATP kiosks in Dubai. Of these, online payments offer the fastest way to pay fines at a discount and get digital receipts.

Major Benefits of Paying Traffic Fines Before December 31:

Dubai drivers can save a lot of money by paying traffic fines before the deadline. They only have to pay half of the usual amount. You can save hundreds and thousands of dirhams by paying with a discount instead of later. Drivers will not have to deal with the stress of unpaid fines or worry about losing their license. They can also get the necessary Traffic Code Certificate from Dubai Police, which is required for many government transactions like visa processing, license renewals, etc. Confiscated vehicles can also be released without major expenses this way.

Major Impact of Missing Discount Deadline:

If you don’t pay the fines at 50% off by December 2023, it could cost you more later. If you are caught driving with unpaid fines, the penalties could increase and lead to hefty fines. If drivers have overdue fines, they may go to court, pay big penalties, lose their vehicles and assets, and even get arrested in extreme cases. Unpaid fines can cause problems like license blocks, registration issues, and illegal vehicle abandonment. Fines can also be escalated and transferred to debt collection agencies, adding further legal complications and expenses.

Which Vehicles Can Get Dubai Fines Discount?

A Dubai traffic fine discount is available for all vehicle owners in Dubai until September 2022. This means cars, bikes, buses, trucks, heavy equipment vehicles, and other registered automobiles can clear their pending fines at 50% off. Rental cars issued fines can also use this scheme with rental agency approvals. But visitors driving Dubai-rented vehicles registered elsewhere cannot pay Dubai fines. Dubai-registered vehicles that moved to other emirates also qualify if their fines were issued before September 2022.

Now, a question remains:

Is the discount applicable to new fines issued after September 2022?

The Dubai Police has stated that any traffic fines issued after September 22, 2022, will not qualify for the 50% discount. The deadline of September 2022 has been set as the deadline. This means vehicles that are gathering more fines after this date will need to pay the newer fines at full fine rates without discount.. But old fines before the cut-off date continue to remain eligible for the discount offer valid until December 31, 2023.

Which Emirates Can Use the Discount Scheme?

The Dubai Police traffic fine discount offer is quite expansive and unique in covering all seven emirates of the UAE. Dubai-registered vehicles with traffic fines in other emirates can get this discount. When paying Dubai fines in other emirates, bring your Emirates ID and vehicle registration. Visitors driving rental cars from other emirates cannot help but pay their fines in Dubai.

Do New Residents And Companies’ Cars Get the discount?

The Dubai traffic fines discount applies to all types of vehicles in Dubai, including bikes, cars, and trucks. Commercial vehicle owners can reduce their penalties too. New Dubai residents who recently moved can get a discount on their old fines. To qualify, fines must have been issued before September 2022. The discount offer ends on December 31st.

Importance To Keep Fine Payment Receipts:

Drivers must collect digital or printed payment receipts from Dubai Police after utilizing the 50% discount offer and keep copies for future reference. These receipts will serve as legal proof that traffic fines have been paid. They can be used to address any future questions about old liabilities. Keeping the receipts also enables obtaining traffic code certificates whenever necessary.


In short, Dubai is giving a 50% discount on traffic fines in the UAE. This is a great opportunity for residents and drivers to start 2023 fresh, without any unpaid fines. To avoid penalties and license issues, drivers should pay their dues before the December 31st deadline. With these easy  fine payment options, availing of this discount is easier than ever before.


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