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Participate Dubai’s First Nakheel Palm Run to Win Dh21,100

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Nakheel Palm Run

For the race on November 4, which is open to people of determination, you can now sign up.

Dubai’s First Nakheel Palm Run

On Thursday, Dubai’s property company revealed that the Nakheel Palm Run 2023 will take place on the renowned Palm Jumeirah for the first time.

The Nakheel Palm Run encourages people in Dubai to push themselves and take part in sports events that support a healthy, balanced, and whole way of life. People with courage can join the run. The path is fully accessible and safe for determined people, and there is a support team on site in case anyone needs help.

As part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2023, the Nakheel Palm Run will take place on Palm Jumeirah on November 4, making it the perfect chance for people to complete their 30×30 for the day.

All types and levels of runners are welcome to participate in the Race ME race. There is a distance for everyone, from people who have run marathons before to people who are just starting out. The competition has lengths of 21.1 km, 10 km, and 5 km for people over 16 years old, and a 1 km course for kids ages 4 to 15. This way, all running fans can take part. The race course goes around The Crescent, the half-circle road that surrounds The Palm, and the running track in Al Ittihad Park, which is in the middle of The Palm’s trunk.Participate dubai's first nakheel palm run to win dh21,100In addition to a great course, the Nakheel Palm Run gives runners the chance to win Dh21,100 in cash prizes. Runners also get a finisher’s medal and an event T-shirt to remember the race.

He said this: Omar Khoory, Chief Assets Officer at Nakheel

“At Nakheel, we’re still dedicated to supporting and promoting fitness and sports while also working to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.” People of Determination, men, women, and children are all welcome to join our newest project, which encourages them to enjoy group sports and live a healthy life. With the Nakheel Palm Run, Dubai’s fitness culture and action-packed fitness events will both grow even more. It will also be a major event on Dubai’s sporting schedule.

The Race Director for RaceME, Jon Norris, said:

“We’re proud to bring big sports events to the UAE and make sure that everyone has a fun, safe, and exciting weekend every week.” Our relationship with Nakheel shows how much we care about promoting healthy and active lifestyles through fun community activities and sports. We can’t wait to see everyone at the Nakheel Palm Run, where they will start a journey of self-discovery and determination while also enjoying one of Dubai’s most exciting running events in one of the world’s most famous places.

With its beautiful views of the man-made islands and the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah is a great place for both land and water sports. People can start their trip on foot and enjoy a challenging but rewarding running experience while taking in the stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Islands are two of the most famous waterfront homes in Nakheel. As usual, Nakheel supports, sponsors, and hosts major international sports events. These include the UAE Tour 2023, the Dubai World Cup, the Dubai 7s Netball, the Roy Nasr Triathlon, and the UAE Cycling Federation’s Dubai Islands Open Challenge race earlier this year.

Nakheel recently announced that it would be sponsoring the Dubai Police Rowing Team, the Dubai Police Olympics Rowing Team, and The Dubai Diggers, which is one of the best dragon boat race teams in the world. These sponsorships are meant to encourage athletes to do their best and live a healthy life.

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