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Experience Dubai’s Soul: Top 8 Cultural Places To Visit

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Experience Dubai’s Soul

Dubai is an evolved city where people from various countries stay together to create a good atmosphere that brings different cultures. People who live here and tourists are usually attracted to Dubai’s luxury side, which includes beautiful hotels, large shopping malls, and luxurious restaurants. However, you might have a question if Dubai is more than just the glamorous items? Is that true! Let me explain to you!

Even though Emiratis (the locals) make up less than 20% of the population in the UAE, the Islamic and Arab cultures are not lost. Not at all! Emiratis are really highly proud of their traditional Bedouin traditions, and they celebrate how much they’ve progressed while keeping an eye on the future. Well, let’s discuss these cultural places in detail to understand things more in detail!

Top 8 Cultural Places To Go:

Every mature person understands that culture plays an important role in bringing the people together as unity. So it’s crucial to understand the culture and for this we’ve to learn and observe these things. Let’s get started!

Be Amazed At The Perfume Museum:

Smells and oils have long been important to the history of the United Arab Emirates. People have been creating perfume for many years, passing the technique down from generation to generation. These scents are used in ceremonies of religion as well as in everyday life. The late Shaikha Shaikha Bint Saeed Al Maktoum (1918-2017) is an expert perfumer. It’s even more important because the House of Perfume originally served as her home. As they showed old ways to create scented oils and perfumes, I became amazed at how precise and time-consuming the process of making fragrances is.

Location: AI Shindagha Museum

Open Time: 10am – 5am

Experience The Birth of Dubai Creek:

If you think that starting a new business along the creek is so simple. Then, you’re a fool because it’s very difficult for the people of Dubai, particularly due to the downturn of the pearl trade. They are required to think creatively and come up with new ideas. This museum shows the story of Dubai Creek in a fresh and engaging way. It explains how Emiratis and their families lived by the stream. Despite challenges, their determination and ability to develop new methods for success played an important part in turning Dubai into the city that it is today.

Location: AI Shindagha Museum

Open Time: 10am – 5am

Smell The Aromas At The Spice Souq:

You’ll smell something delicious as you go through the open market’s little streets! Spices from Arabia and Asia, herbs, dried fruits, and delicious teas are available.

If you enjoy cooking and learning about various societies, you must go to Dubai’s Spice Souq. Because here you get a chance to observe many interesting sights.  Are you excited! If yes, let’s get ready to negotiate with the sellers, just the way they used to. They’ll approach you as you go by. It’s a good idea to pause and brainstorm some recipes using the spices.


Location: AI Ras, Deira 

Open Time: Every Day

World’s Largest Ring In The Gold Souk:

Men could not wear gold as jewelry in Islam; only women could. However, gold has historically been quite important for women in this sector. It seems like a sign of wealth. The Gold Souq is amazing! There are windows covered in shining gold and other quite heavy pieces that I was too afraid to try on. But it gets even flashier when you discover the world’s largest ring at Kanz Jewels. They even have a Guinness Book of World Records certificate to prove it!

The Najmat Taiba, commonly known as the Star of Taiba, is a 21-carat ring measuring about 64kg. It is made of 5.1kg of precious stones and costs around a million. If that’s too costly for you, there are also cheap items available, and the silver shops are generally located off of the main area. Don’t worry, the sellers are going to try to attract you inside their store so that they can beat the competition.

Location: AI Ras, Deira 

Open Time: Every Day

See The Women’s Museum – Bait Al Banat:

Professor Rafia Ghubash, an Emirati lady, created the Girls House, known as Bait Al Banat in Arabic. Her main objective is to protect the history of women in the UAE.

This special library examines the many roles that UAE women have had in developing their culture, morals, and social standing. The interesting shows are somewhat shocking in that they challenge beliefs. Poems, artwork, and images from their travels and daily lives are displayed. It is definitely worth a visit. Sounds really cool!


Location: AI Sabkha, Gold Souq 

Open Time: Saturday – Thursday 10 am – 7 pm


How Long Should You Stay in Dubai?

There’s a lot to do in Dubai, including studying about the culture, participating in enjoyable outdoor activities, and eating at delicious restaurants. You may easily arrange great routes for 2, 3, or 5 days in Dubai if your budget allows. 

If you have more time, you may like to visit other emirates such as Khor Fakkan or Sharjah City.

Which Tours Are the Best in Dubai?

It’s perfect if you have enough time to visit Dubai’s cultural attractions. If you’re in a rush, however, you might want to look into such trips to get a taste of the culture quickly.

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