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Emirates ID Uses: Beyond Identification in Dubai

Convenient applications for your Emirates ID Uses
Convenient applications for your Emirates ID Uses

Knowing what you can accomplish with an Emirates ID when relocating to Dubai is helpful information because it is legally required for residents of the UAE to acquire one.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues Emirates IDs to all residents and nationals of the UAE.

The identity card’s electronic chip contains significant data, including the holder’s basic information, photo and biometric information, and fingerprints.

You might have assumed that your EID was merely a need, but did you realize that there are a few additional practical uses for the piece of plastic? You certainly can, and here are all the ways to do it.

How to use your Emirates ID to make an ATM withdrawal

Emirates id uses

Customers can withdraw money from several banks in the UAE using their Emirates ID.

You must bank with the institution, and each bank has its own set of requirements.

if you’re a client of Emirates NBD. If you have the Emirates NBD mobile app installed on your phone, you can make a cash withdrawal using your EID. The software will let you create a code that you can then use at the ATM to withdraw the necessary amount.

By simply presenting their Emirates ID, customers of Mashreq Bank can open accounts, pay their bills, update their personal information, and withdraw and deposit cash.

The customer’s current bank cards will show up on the ATM screen while using a Mashreq ATM, allowing them to select from a variety of choices like as cash withdrawal, domestic and international transfers, and requests for checkbooks and statements.

Emirates ID to pay for fuel

You must download an ADNOC Wallet in order to utilize your Emirates ID to pay for fuel. When you download the app, your Emirates ID is automatically connected, and you can fund your account.

You can use your EID to pay for fuel when filling up your car at ADNOC gas stations by inserting it into the card reader and following the on-screen instructions.

If you have an ADNOC Wallet, you can also use your EID to pay for items in ADNOC Oasis convenience stores and vehicle washes.

Emirates ID as your health insurance card

When you next visit the doctor’s office, don’t worry if you forget your health insurance card—you can just present your Emirates ID. EIDs can be used by medical service providers to process medical insurance.

An automated self-service border control system is what smart gates are. They are located in Terminal 3 of the DXB airport and employ facial recognition technology to identify travelers.

Smart gates can identify travelers by matching their faces to data from immigration databases, which can determine if they are GCC or UAE nationals, residents of the UAE, or visitors with a visa-on-arrival.

Simply swipe your Emirates ID card and stare at the green light at the gate if you want to utilize your Emirates ID to pass through the smart gate. You must take off your glasses, hat, and face mask before entering.

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