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Emma Myers Actress: Everything You Need To Understand

Emma Myers Actress

Emma Myers is a young American actor who is becoming popular for her parts in hit movies and TV shows. She stands out because she can play many different roles and is very talented. A lot of people think she will be a big star in the future. This article will give you all you need to know about her. 

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Background and Early Works:

Emma Myers was born in 2005 in New York City. She has loved acting ever since she was little. As a kid, she started acting in TV ads and small roles on TV shows. Her first big role was in a science fiction movie called ‘Darling’ in 2017. After that, she did the voice for a character named Dana in the cartoon movie ‘The Addams Family.’ She also played a character named Molly in the movie ‘Lost Girls’ in 2020. These early roles showed that Emma could act in many different kinds of movies.

Breakthrough Supporting Roles:

In 2020, Emma Myers really got noticed for her role as Jesse in the Netflix movie ‘The Devil All the Time.’ She acted alongside Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. In the movie, she played the part of a daughter who lost her parents and whose dad was in the war. She did this role so well that a lot of people praised her acting. That same year, she was in another movie called ‘Kajillionaire.’ Here, she played a teenager named Enid, who was a bit tough but also had more to her character. She acted with Evan Rachel Wood in this comedy-drama. Both of these movies showed how good she is at acting, even though she’s still young.

Noteworthy Filmography:

After doing great in ‘The Devil All The Time’ and ‘Kajillionaire,’ Emma Myers showed her acting skills in both independent movies and big studio films. She worked again with the director of ‘Kajillionaire,’ Miranda July, in a horror-drama movie called ‘Nine’ in 2022. She has also been in other movies like ‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’ (2013), ‘Marriage Story’ (2019), and the sports drama ‘892’ (2022), where she acted with John Boyega. Critics have often said good things about how honest and grown-up her acting is, especially since she’s still young and she’s been in different kinds of movies.


Television Projects:

Besides films, Myers has held recurring TV roles in acclaimed series. In 2016, she starred as Judith Grimes in AMC’s The Walking Dead. She then portrayed the younger version of Jessica Biel’s character in The Sinner. In 2022, she starred as the observant teen loner Izzy in the limited series The Girl From Plainville with Elle Fanning on Hulu. Myers continually impressed by creating distinctive characters in both dark dramas and lighthearted comedies on television.

Theater Performances:

An experienced stage actress even early in her career, some of Myers’ theater credits include off-Broadway productions of The Widow Howe (2019), Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! (2021), and Kimberly Akimbo (2022). Her raw talent, timing, and ability to hold the audience have transferred well from screen to stage. She will reportedly make her Broadway debut in 2023 through an upcoming production.

Recent and Future Trajectory:

Looking ahead to 2023, Emma Myers has some big projects planned. She’s going to be in a movie called ‘Babylon’ with Brad Pitt, directed by Damien Chazelle. She’s also in a drama called ‘Spoiler Alert,’ which is based on a book by Michael Ausiello, and a comedy-drama named ‘Bottoms.’ Emma’s been choosing really good projects to work on, and her acting skills have already been noticed. It looks like she’s going to become even more famous.


In just a short time, Emma Myers has shown she can act in many different ways in movies, TV shows, and on stage, and she’s still very young. She’s great at showing deep feelings in serious dramas as well as in funny comedies. It seems like she knows more about acting than you would expect for her age. Emma is working on more projects now, some with very famous actors. Her amazing acting skills suggest she’s going to be a big star in the future.

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