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Family Sponsorship Visa In Dubai: Requirements, Visa Cost

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Many people who work in the UAE come from other countries. The UAE has made it easier to bring your family there if you earn enough money. This guide will show you how to get your family to live with you in the UAE. In simple words, you can sponsor your family to get a visa. But, how could you do it?

In this article, we’re going to learn everything you need to know about the Dubai Family Sponsorship Visa, such as how much it costs and what documents you need.

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UAE Family Sponsorship Rules: 

In the UAE, any expat with a valid residency permit can bring their family over. This means if you’re living and working in the UAE, you can sponsor your loved ones to join you. 

Eligibility Criteria For Sponsoring Family In The UAE: 

The main thing is having a valid residency permit. If you have this, you’re eligible to sponsor your family. Now, about the salary conditions. 

Salary Requirements For Family Members In The UAE: 

For men wanting to sponsor their spouse or children, the minimum salary is AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 with accommodation. Your job title doesn’t matter as long as you earn this much. Wives can sponsor their husbands in the UAE too. In Abu Dhabi, sponsors need to be in certain professions like teaching, engineering, or medical fields, and earn at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 with housing. 

In Dubai, there are no job limits for a wife to sponsor her family if she earns over AED 10,000, but she will need special permission from local authorities. Husbands sponsored by wives can work in Dubai/UAE. 

To sponsor five family members, including parents, your salary should be AED 10,000, and for six members, it’s AED 15,000. If you want to sponsor more than six, you’ll need special approval. Also, you must live in a 2-bedroom house at least and pay a visa fee of AED 1,750 plus a refundable deposit of AED 5,000. In some cases, a mother can sponsor her children with approval from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and Ports Security (ICP). Even foreign students studying in UAE universities can sponsor their families, but they need to have suitable housing. 

Medical Fitness:

Everyone over 18 applying for a residence visa in the UAE needs a medical fitness test, including a blood test and an X-ray. If someone is medically unfit, they won’t get a visa. However, those with inactive tuberculosis are still considered fit but need to follow treatment and regular check-ups. 

Duration of Sponsorship And Time Limit:

You have a 90-day window to apply for a residence visa for your family once they arrive in the UAE. They’ll first get an entry permit, which you need to convert into a residence visa within three months. In emirates other than Dubai, this entry permit is called “Tasheera” and can be obtained online or from a typing center. You can also sponsor your parents, and they’ll get a yearly residence visa, regardless of your visa’s duration. 

Validity And Renewal:

The visa is valid for two to three years, depending on your job and contract. If your visa is for three years, your family will likely get the same duration, except for parents and adult sons who get a one-year visa. If your visa is canceled, their visas will be too. If a dependent’s visa expires, they have 30 days to get a new one. Otherwise, they’ll be considered illegal residents and might have to pay a fine. 

Sponsoring Marriage:

To sponsor your spouse, you need to show your marriage certificate (in Arabic) and meet the eligibility criteria. Male sponsors may be allowed to sponsor two wives if they meet the rules. 

Sponsoring Children: 

For daughters, they can be sponsored if they are unmarried. Sons can be sponsored up to 18 years old, or 21 if they’re students, with proof of education. 

Sons studying abroad must visit the UAE every six months. If your baby is born in the UAE, you must apply for a visa within 120 days of birth. Kids who graduate or are up to 18 years old get a one-year visa, renewable for another year. You need to show their graduation certificates for this visa. The cost starts at AED 100. Step-children can be sponsored with a deposit and permission from the biological parent. Women can sponsor their children if they follow specific rules. 

Documents Required To Apply For:

You’ll need documents like salary slips, tenancy contracts, utility bills, marriage and birth certificates, passport copies, photos, medical certificates, and employment contracts. 

Sponsoring Parents In The UAE:

You must get medical insurance for your parents and pay a yearly deposit for each. You should sponsor both parents unless one has passed away or is divorced, for which you need official documents. FAMILY VISA UAE COST The cost varies depending on the visa type and duration, and it changes over time. For specific fees, check the official website. 

Final Thoughts:

Sponsoring your family to join you in the UAE is a great opportunity. By understanding the requirements and preparing the necessary documents, you can make the process smoother. Ensure you meet the salary criteria, have the proper accommodation, and are ready for the medical fitness tests. Remember, the rules can vary slightly in different emirates, so always check for the latest information. Sponsoring your loved ones can bring them closer and make your experience in the UAE even more rewarding. 

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