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Ferry from Dubai to Sharjah Reopens at Dh15

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Ferry from Dubai to Sharjah Reopens at Dh15
Ferry from Dubai to Sharjah Reopens at Dh15

For those who have traveled between Dubai and Sharjah frequently throughout the years, the thought of taking a ship rather than a car drive may not have seemed all that novel. But on Friday, when boat service between these two emirates was resumed, it provided a new viewpoint that astounded many. In contrast to the usual vistas of streetlights, automobile bumpers, and tail lights seen on the road, the experience offers a distinctive vantage point.

The boat is expertly designed to provide the best level of comfort and ease, and it offers guests two seating options. The well-appointed standard seats are accessible by choosing the Dh15 Silver Class ticket. The Dh25 Gold Class tickets, meanwhile, give access to plush leather chairs for those looking for a more opulent voyage. The seating layout includes two areas specifically designated for passengers using wheelchairs, as well as 84 Silver seats overall and 14 Gold seats.


Want to remain connected? There is free WiFi available on board. There is a life jacket under your seat because safety is also a top priority.

Men, women, and individuals with determination each have access to their own restroom. A kiosk is also there, selling a variety of snacks such fresh juices, chocolates, chips, coffee, tea, pizza, burgers, and more.


The trip, which covers a distance of about 15 km with water depths ranging from 13 to 20 m, enables visitors to take in the scenery they otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

On weekdays, the marine transport service will make eight trips per day; on weekends, it will make six excursions per day.

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