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The Power of Democratic Collaboration in Biotechnology

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Biotechnology is a super-important and fast-growing area that could change our world in big ways. It’s a huge industry worth lots of money and touches on things like farming, health, materials, and energy. It can change life in very deep ways. Right now, there’s a lot of competition in biotechnology between countries that have different ways of running their governments—some are democratic and others are not.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how important it is for countries with democratic governments to work together in biotech. We will also look into the ways the United States and its friends can stay ahead in this field.

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What is the current state of biotechnology around the world?

Biotechnology is a huge business that has an impact on everyone in the world. To put money into science, the United States is the best place to go. Europe is great at coming up with new science ideas and getting rights to protect them. But China also has big plans. Their goal is to be the world’s top biotech company by 2035, so they’re putting a lot of money into it, even for their military. In biotech, this means that countries from all over the world are both fighting with each other and working together. There is a lot going on in this area because every country wants to be the best at genetics.

How Important Is It for the US to Be in Biotech?

In the field of bioengineering, the US is very important. It’s one of the first companies to put money into this area and think of new ideas. The United States spent an amazing $466 billion in 2022, mostly in its own country. This proves how important the US is as a key spot for biotech to grow and get better. Biotech is getting better and more advanced all over the world, thanks to this country.

Why are biotech patents important in Europe?

When it comes to rights, Europe is a very important part of the scientific world. A patent is like a special piece of paper that keeps new ideas safe. When it comes to patents, Europe has the most in fields like food, health, and environmental technology. They have over 40,000 patents in health alone! This means that European countries have a lot of power over how biotech changes and grows. They really have an impact on what comes next in science and how it grows in the future.

What does China want to achieve in biotechnology?

China wants to do a lot of bioengineering. By 2035, they want to be the best country at this. They are making fast progress in science, even though they don’t spend as much as the US. China wants to improve its health care and might use biotechnology in its defense. It’s hard for free countries to deal with this. The push by China to be the leader in biotech is something that these countries need to think about and act on.

How does the US feel about security in biotech?

The fact that global biotech environments are linked together makes the US very worried about its security. For instance, China’s access to US markets and intellectual property through businesses like BGI Group speeds up its biotech growth, which could have an effect on US national security.

How can the US and its allies be the best at biotech?

The US and its friends need focused government action, public-private cooperation, and smart spending to stay ahead in biotechnology. They should use the biotech industry’s unique qualities to work together with people around the world and set standards that are in line with democratic values.


Finally, creating a democratic biotech union is important for creating a future where biotechnology is used in an honest and useful way. The US must work together with its partners and friends to take the lead in this area. By setting rules, attracting talented people from around the world, and encouraging countries to work together, they can make sure that genetic improvements are in line with democracy values and the well-being of everyone on the planet. This strategy will not only help them stay in charge, but it will also protect everyone from authoritarian governments misusing biotechnology

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