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Franke’s Kitchen Revolution in the Middle East – Detailed

Franke's Kitchen

Franke Home Solutions is making big changes in kitchen design, especially in the Middle East. They’re part of the Franke Group, which makes high-quality goods. Their popularity is growing in places like Dubai. In addition to protecting the earth, they use the best Swiss quality and the newest technology. Attractive sinks, faucets, and kitchen tools aren’t the only things they make.


They improve the way restaurants work. In this article, we will look at how they do this and what services they provide for kitchens.

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Franke’s Kitchen Strategic Focus in the Middle East:

As a key market for their business, Franke Home Solutions is putting a lot of attention on the Middle East. They want to show off their cool kitchen stuff. What they want to do is make things that look great, work well, and are good for the world. All of this comes with the high quality that Swiss goods are known for. 

They think that their style, ability, and concern for the environment will make a big difference in restaurants. By focusing on the Middle East, they hope that their unique cooking ideas will make them well-known there. This really shows how much they want to improve homes and make them better for the environment.

Leadership visits to Dubai:

There will be a CEO named Barbara Borra and a Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) named Corrado Mura in Dubai. They’re doing this to get to know each other better and find new ways to grow. Franke Home Solutions is very excited about their trip. It’s a big part of their plan to get bigger in the Middle East market, which is very busy. They want to make their position in this area even stronger. They really want to grow and do well in the Middle East, as this visit shows.

Enhancing kitchen experiences:

Franke Home Solutions sells many cooking items under both the Faber and Franke names. They have a lot of different sinks, faucets, hoods, stoves, fridges, dishwashers, and more. With all of these things, you can have a great time cooking or making food. Their choice is even better now that these names are all together. They can now give you everything you need for your kitchen in one place. There is more stuff in the kitchen that works well and looks good because of this.

Innovative Sinks and Taps:

Sinks and taps made by Franke Home Solutions are known for being very good. The granite they use to make their granite sinks is not only beautiful but also very helpful. They’re strong and clean. The Kubus 2 sink and the Active Twist tap are really cool because of their new looks and how well they work. The way kitchens work is being changed to make things easier and faster. Not only do these things improve the way your kitchen looks, but they also improve how it works.

Smart Features for Modern Kitchens:

Franke’s Kubus 2 sink and Active Twist faucet show how creative they are. These two bowls are big, which makes them easy to clean. The tap is unique because the trash exit can be opened in a cool way, which makes it easy to use and keeps things clean. A feature of their faucets is known as an ECO capsule. 

This helps keep energy and water usage down. You can make your kitchen more eco-friendly by being smart with what you use. These items really stand out because they are well-designed and good for the world.


Franke Home Solutions is not only changing kitchens but also the way we think about how kitchens work and how they should be designed. Swiss quality means that they put a lot of thought into making sure that their goods are built really well. It takes a lot of work for them to come up with new ideas and make sure that everything they make is recyclable. It’s making a big difference, especially in the Middle East. Franke’s goods are worth looking at, whether you just own a house or are working on big building projects. They say they will improve your kitchen so it’s a better spot for work, play, and cooking. 

From sinks and faucets to stoves and fridges, they make a lot of different things. They are all made to look good and last a long time. It’s cool that they think about more than just today. Franke plans ahead to make sure that their kitchens will still look great in a few years. They are ahead of the curve when it comes to making green, efficient kitchens that look great. Finally, it’s clear that Franke Home Solutions is the leader when it comes to making great kitchens that work for everyone, now and in the future.


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