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Get Your Canada Tourist Visa From Dubai: Essential Tips

Canada Tourist Visa From Dubai

Canada is a famous tourist destination because of its natural beauty, friendly people, and vibrant cities. Many people in Dubai like going to Canada for vacations because the flights are direct and only take 13 hours.

Before you leave, it’s important to get a Canadian tourist visa to enter the country. Make your Canada visa application process from Dubai easier by reading this article. Use it for your future vacations.

Now, the first thing you’ll have to do is figure out the requirements. Let’s get started!

Check If You Meet The Criteria:


This thing is important. Listen, it is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria to make things easier while applying. In simple words,

Before you apply for a Canada tourist visa as a Dubai resident, make sure you meet all the requirements. Key criteria include:

  • Have a valid UAE passport.
  • Proof of enough funds for the entire trip
  • Concrete plans to exit Canada post-vacation
  • A clean background check and health examination
  • Not have an excessive Canada visit history.

If you meet the requirements, your chances of getting a tourist visa are very high. Those with shaky eligibility may face visa rejection.

Assuming that you have met the requirements now, what should you have to do? That’s where the next step arrives!

Collect The Documents To Submit The Application:

After you make sure you meet the requirements, get and prepare all the necessary documents for submission.

  • Online application form confirmation
  • Original passport with validity of 6+ months
  • UAE house proof, like Emirates ID copy
  • Financial statements showing the available balance
  • Flight bookings plus a detailed itinerary
  • Personal or family details as required
  • Previous visas to Canada or other nations

Ensuring no discrepancies in any submitted documents is critical for fast-tracking processing.

Schedule Your Appointment For Tourist Visa: 

A key need when applying for a Canada visa from Dubai is capturing your biometric data at the local Visa Application Centre.

Biometrics includes digital fingerprints plus a photo. It links your identity to the application and the background checks conducted.

Once you complete your visa form and pay the fees, schedule a biometrics appointment. Delaying this beyond 30 days can impact the application. Keep the BSF number given after the appointment.

Canada Visa Fee From Dubai

Await as the application is processed.

The hardest part is after you send in your full application for a Canadian tourist visa from Dubai. All you can do now is wait!

Processing times for tourist visas generally range from 1 week to 2 months, depending on the seasonal rush. You can check current processing times on the official website.

While awaiting the outcome, keep your passport and documents ready. If your application remains unprocessed beyond 12 weeks, contact IRCC via webinar to escalate it.

Show True Tourist Plans:

An approved six-month Canadian tourist visa from Dubai brings huge relief and excitement! But, in Canada, you may need to speak with immigration officers to show your genuine tourist plans and get permission to enter.

Be prepared to answer questions about your trip details. Carry financial proof, hotel bookings, a return ticket, and an itinerary copy during travel. Convince the visa officer why you deserve entry to avoid disappointments after long visa processing waits.

Increase Your Chances For A Canadian Tourist Visa:

If you are prepared to follow the tips in this guide, getting a Canadian tourist visa from Dubai is straightforward. Apply several months in advance before a planned vacation. To avoid mistakes, make sure you follow the rules, give correct biometric data, and prove you’re a real tourist with your papers. Stay calm and wait for approval.

To increase your chances of getting a Canada visa, learn about the whole process. Then you can enjoy Niagara Falls or ski in the Rockies. That’s it!


First, know the eligibility rules and have correct documents ready. Next, carefully fill out the forms online and schedule a quick biometrics appointment to get your fingerprints and photo taken. Then comes the waiting period so be patient! Keep checking if your visa is approved and have your passport on hand. Finally, after you get your Canada tourist visa from Dubai, you can book exciting vacations! But at the airport, politely explain your detailed travel plans to officers and show documents that prove you are a real tourist. 

This shows why you deserve to enter Canada. Follow all these steps correctly and there is a high chance your application will succeed. The incredible nature, friendly people and fun cities of Canada await to give you unforgettable memories! With this guide’s tips, you can smoothly get your visa and have the trip of a lifetime from Dubai.

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