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Green Visa UAE Cost: Requirements, Fees, and Benefits

The UAE has a new visa called the Green Visa. Investors, professionals, and business people can live and work there for five years. They can bring their families too. This article will examine the visa’s requirements, cost, and extra benefits. For people looking to start a business or stay in the UAE, this visa provides increased flexibility and prospects. We will explain the Green Visa in simple terms to help you understand if it is compatible.

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Green Visa UAE:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently introduced some exciting visa options, including the Green Visa, which is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, freelancers, and investors. This visa allows them and their families to live and work in Dubai for five years, offering many advantages and greater flexibility.

Can Indians apply for the Dubai Green Visa?

Absolutely! Indians are welcome to apply. This visa is designed to attract talented individuals and investors, contributing to the UAE’s economic growth. It’s appealing because it simplifies the application process and doesn’t require a local sponsor. Now it’s obvious that every person may probably think:

What is a UAE green visa?

This is a special residence permit introduced in 2022, allowing professionals, freelancers, and businesspeople to work in the UAE. It’s part of the UAE’s effort to separate work permits from residence visas.

What about residence visas in the UAE?

A residence visa is an official permit by the UAE government for foreign nationals to live and work in the country, with various benefits and services. The duration depends on the visa type and sponsor. Another interesting option for Indians is the freelance visa.


Who Can Get a Green Visa?

To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria:

Skilled Employees:

  • must have a job in the UAE with a valid contract.
  • The position should be at a higher occupational level.
  • Minimum qualification: a bachelor’s degree.
  • monthly salary of at least AED 15,000.

Freelancers and Self-Employed:

  • We need a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Provide proof of self-employment, like business licenses and tax returns.
  • Minimum qualification: a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.
  • annual self-employment income of at least AED 360,000.

Investors or business partners:

  • Engage in commercial enterprises in the UAE.
  • Approval and proof of investment from local authorities
  • The capital amount will vary based on the number of licenses.

Documents Required for a Green Visa:

Below, we’ve shared the documents required for a green visa in a simple manner. Let’s go!

  • Valid passport
  • Passport-size photo
  • Medical reports and health insurance
  • Entry permit
  • Educational and employment proofs
  • Application form
  • Additional documents for family sponsorship, like rental contracts, marriage certificates, etc.


How to Apply for a Green Visa?

Here’s what you need to know about the procedure for applying for a green visa: 

Visit the UAE Visa System website:

Search for ‘Issuing Residency Visa’ on the ICP or ‘Entry Permits’ on the GDRAFD website.

Start the application.

Select the relevant visa type and start the process online.

Fill out the application:

Enter personal and professional details.

Upload Documents:

Submit all required documents as specified.

Pay Visa Fees:

Review your application and pay the fees.

Visa Processing:

Wait for the processing and approval. 

This guide should help you understand and apply for the UAE Green Visa easily.

What Are the Benefits of the UAE Green Visa?

Below, we’ve discussed all the benefits of the “UAE Green Visa.” Let’s have some conversation in detail:

  • You don’t need someone else to sponsor you if you qualify for this visa.
  • You can stay in the UAE for up to five years with it.
  • If you have this visa, you can bring your family, like your spouse, kids, and close relatives.
  • You can support your sons until they’re 25 and your daughters if they’re not married, no matter their age.
  • If you have children with special needs, you can sponsor them at any age.
  • Your family’s visa will last as long as yours does.
  • Freelancers, people working from home, and business investors can get this visa for five years.
  • Students and regular employees can get it for two years.
  • You can renew it at the same time if you still meet the requirements.
  • You get more time to apply for a new visa after yours ends, up to 90 days or six months.

How much does the green visa cost in the UAE?

Here’s what you need to know about the cost in a simple manner:

  • The visa costs about AED 2280, which is around INR 50,953.
  • You’ll pay AED 575 for medical tests.
  • The Emirates ID card costs AED 320.
  • These fees are for each time you get or renew the visa. The total cost depends on how many people you’re applying for under your visa.


The UAE Green Visa is an important issue for workers, business owners, and investors who want to find work in the UAE. This visa makes it easier to live and work in the UAE by giving you more freedom, having you stay longer, and letting your family join you. The Green Visa is an excellent option for people who want to explore and add to the UAE’s rapidly evolving economy. It has clear requirements for who can get it, low costs, and big rewards.

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