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Growth and Comparison of the education system of UAE

Growth and Comparison of the education system of UAE


UAE is known for its tourism opportunities, Shopping, and many different things to do. The country has been amongst the ones which everyone wants to visit around the world. And there are many reasons behind that. From the deepest swimming pool to big and luxurious malls the country has been one of the most popular ones. But like many other reasons, UAE makes one of its main objectives to enhance the quality of education. And compete with the world. The country has shifted its gears to make the country more towards more focused on quality education and creating more opportunities for the people. And for that, they created a body to maintain the quality and performances of their institution.

Once the country started focusing on improving its quality it became one of the cities with the best option for studying abroad. That too for different curriculums. So, let’s explore the quality of the education system compared to the international standards.

Education Background of the UAE:

Firstly, it is important to understand the structure of the UAE. Primary and secondary education in the UAE is divided into two sections one private and the second public. Both are maintained by the regulatory authority of the country. Like if a student is studying HR so, they might need HR Assignment Help to do better at learning. And 3 main curriculums are being taught in both of these sectors. Which are American, British, and Indian. However, if the student doesn’t want to study any of them. So, they can learn the curriculum of the country in which Arabic is compulsory.

Comparison with International Countries:

If we compare the reading mean score, and math’s reading mean score of many top-quality education providers in the UAE. So, there would be a very gap between the performance of the students of the UAE and countries like the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. As, per the data, the mean score is 432 of the students of the UAE, while the average score is 487 in mean reading.

Although the literacy rate of the country is above 98%. Which makes it one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Right now the number of schools, especially private are increasing significantly. You can analyze it by understanding it that the country has increasing a lot of higher courses like CIPD. And the students take CIPD Assignment Help UAE to know more in-depth about the topic. So, that gives more options to the students to explore and find the best ones for their children. As the now, the schools are of different price ranges and different facilities. So, it makes it more convenient for parents to give their children the education they want.

Government point-of-view and Plans:

The government aims to elevate the quality of education. As they increase the budget for education every year. Because the main objective of the authorities of the country is to get state-of-the-art technologies in their country. So, they can give more opportunities to their skilled graduates. The county has been an evening to capture a lot of the IT industry by making the IT cities and institutes with the facilities that are available around the world.

However, the education system of the UK and the government are way ahead of the UAE. But it is not far away that the UAE will become one of the hub for quality education for students all over the world.


The education system of UAE has been improving a lot in making the future of the students secure by offering them top-notch qualifications. UAE is making a lot of development in the education sector. There are 3 main curriculums in the country British, American, and Indian. compared to other nations like the UK, UAE site has to go a long way to make their education at the international level.

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