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Haldwani Demolition of Illegal Mosque Curfew Imposed Clash


A curfew was put in place here on Thursday after people in the area threw rocks and set cars and a police station on fire, hurting more than 60 people. Most of the people who were taken to the hospital after the fighting at Malik ka Bagicha in the Banbhoolpura area of the city were police officers. The rest were city workers who were tearing down the neighbourhood madrasa and a mosque that were part of it.

Officials were told to deal firmly with “anarchic elements” after the chief minister told everyone to stay calm. Senior Superintendent of Police Prahlad Meena said that the madrasa and the mosque were built on government land that was illegally encroached upon. The buildings were torn down with a lot of police and Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) officers present because the court ordered it.

All of Haldwani’s shops were closed as the fighting got worse. Since the curfew was put in place, all schools in and around the city for grades 1 through 12 have also been closed.

Thursday was a tense day here because several buildings, including a mosque and a madarsa, that were built illegally on government land were torn down.

That being said, things got violent when the mosque and the madarsa were destroyed in the Vanbhulpura area. Angry locals threw stones at police officers and reporters.

Sources say that several police officers were hurt in the attack. A JCB machine was also destroyed, and several cars were set on fire by the crowd.
A shoot-at-sight order and a ban have both been put in place in the area where violence has been happening.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami called a high-level meeting to talk about the violence and ask people to keep the peace.

Pankaj Upadhyay, the mayor of Haldwani, said that the madarsa and mosque were built without permission.

A large number of police officers have been sent to the city.


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