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Here are five actresses who have played Cleopatra

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For many years, the Egyptian princess has captivated the group imagination of filmmakers.

Take a trip down Hollywood’s memory lane as Netflix’s docudrama Queen Cleopatra circulates online. Here are five women who played Cleopatra, from the finest masterpieces in the business to entertaining films of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was one of the most important roles in actress Elizabeth Taylor’s career. In the 1963 production of the American movie Cleopatra, Elizabeth played the lead. The film, which is considered the best rendition of the queen’s story change, was one of the most expensive to produce up to this point. Famous for her portrayal in Gone with the Wind, British actress Vivien Leigh has also played a completely different Queen Cleopatra in the movie Caesar and Cleopatra. The 1945 movie, the first Cleopatra version to be colorized, was a comedic film in contrast to its successors. Vivien is known for giving the film a coming-of-age feel.

Colbert, Claudette

In the 1934 motion picture Cleopatra, actress Claudette Colbert played Cleopatra. In addition to earning Best Cinematography, it was also up for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Since it came out before to the Hays Code, Clodette’s role in the film became far warmer.

Lauren Sophia In the 1953 Italian film Two Nights with Cleopatra, Sophia Lauren, one of the biggest stars of Classical American cinema, depicted the part of Cleopatra. In this amusing movie, which was produced by Mario Mattoli, Loren played both the queen and a slave girl by the name of Nisca.

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