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How Sudanese Doctors Use Social Media to Save Lives

Sudanese Doctors

Today, we’re going to talk about something really cool and important. In Sudan, things have been tough, with many hospitals either super busy or closed because of some problems going on there.

But there is good news, though! Some great doctors in Sudan are finding new ways to help people. To get in touch with people who need medical help, they use apps like WhatsApp. So what are we going to do? We will look at how these great doctors improve things, even when things are tough.

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Social Media as a Lifeline in the Healthcare Crisis:

Sudan has a big problem with health care. There are a lot of hospitals that don’t work right, and some have even had to close because of crime and other problems. But there is also good news. 

Brave doctors in Sudan are using social media to help people. To talk to people who really need medical help, they’ve set up helplines on apps like WhatsApp. You can do more than just chat with this great idea. It’s like a bright light when things are hard.

The Struggle of Khartoum’s Healthcare System:

In Khartoum, a big city in Sudan, things are really tough right now. The World Health Organization says that only about 16% of its health clinics are able to work properly. Things got even worse because of recent airstrikes, which caused a lot of sadness and made it even harder for people to get healthcare. 

But, even with all these problems, the doctors in Khartoum are working super hard to find ways to help their patients. They’re getting through some really tough problems. Even when things get tough, these doctors show that they care about saving lives.

The Doctors’ Response To Challenges That Rising Above:

In Sudan, even though the healthcare system is falling apart and the doctors are facing a lot of dangers, they are doing something amazing. They have created big groups with hundreds of other medical workers to give help over the phone, all day and all night. It’s not easy for them. 

The government has taken away some doctors, and others have to deal with scary cases every day. They are brave and true to their word as doctors to help people no matter what because they keep going strong.

Important Care for Bad Groups:

In Sudan, people who are really sick or just had babies are in a lot of danger. Since it’s hard to get to hospitals, people who need regular treatments like dialysis or urgent help, like having babies, are facing big problems. Doctors and midwives who volunteer are using WhatsApp to help them get care at home. But there’s a problem because they don’t have enough medical supplies. This makes it hard to make sure that home births are safe and effective.

International Support and Helpline Initiatives:

Help from other countries has been really important for Sudan. A group of Sudanese doctors in Qatar quickly made a helpline, showing how people around the world are coming together to help. Many types of doctors work at this service, which is very helpful for getting medical advice. Plus, they want to add more programs, like mental health help. This shows they really know how many different kinds of healthcare people need when there’s a big crisis.

Now, let’s come to the point of mental health which plays an important role in case of a crisis. 

Pointing Mental Health in Crisis:

The crisis in Sudan is really affecting people’s mental health. Lots of people are showing signs of being really stressed and traumatized. There’s a plan to start a mental health helpline with psychologists and psychiatrists. This idea is very important. Someone who is having a hard time will feel better after reading this. It shows that mind care is just as important as body care, especially when things are hard.


As we finish learning about the healthcare problems in Sudan and how amazing the doctors there are, we feel really impressed and inspired. When things were really tough, these doctors showed how strong and creative they are. They helped people get medical care through social media, which is not only a good thing but also gives us hope. Everyone can learn from this how to deal with big issues. We can see how brave and strong people can be in this story, even when things look the worst


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